Neighbours’ Guy Pearce and Stefan Dennis in hilarious Twitter ‘feud’

You can take the boy out of Ramsay Street…
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He starred as the swoon-worthy Mike Young on Neighbours for just four years back in the 1980s, but it seems Guy Pearce never really left Ramsay Street.

The actor has gone on to star in films ranging from Memento, to The King’s Speech, to a role in the upcoming Mary Queen of Scots. On home soil he’s found starring roles in shows including Jack Irish and The Wizard of Aus, but no matter where life takes him it appears Guy is still an Erinsborough boy at heart.

Guy Pearce as Mike Young back in his Neighbours days.

Case in point: his current Twitter ‘feud’ with fictional character Paul Robinson (or, Stefan Dennis as he is known in the real world).

Earlier this week, Guy re-tweeted a still from the Neighbours Twitter account that questioned if Paul’s romance with Jane Harris (Annie Jones) – Mike’s former girlfriend – might pick up again.

“Jane!!!!….Nooooo!!!!!!!” Guy captioned his retweet.

The Neighbours team wasted no time in crafting the perfect reply, sending back a video message from ‘Paul Robinson’ to ‘Mike Young’.

“I saw your little Tweet,” he says in the video. “The problem is I think you’re a bit deluded mate. Let’s get a grip here. I mean, Paul versus Mike over the love of Jane, really? Maths teacher versus charismatic, charming, extremely good looking hotel mogul? I kind of think I know which way she’s going to swing.”

He then challenged “Mike” to come back to Erinsborough to fight for Jane.

Guy quickly responded, and peaked fans interest with the possibility that he could one day return.

“Yikes!!!!! I better start training,” he joked. “I have a feeling Paul may knock my block off.”

He followed up with another: “How come my mullet’s just started to grow back again????”

Fans wasted no time in calling for the actor to return to the hit soap, but will we ever see Mike stroll back in to Erinsborough?

While that may seem like every fans greatest daydream, Guy has previously told TV WEEK he looks back fondly on his time on Neighbours.

“I had grown up as a kid doing theatre in Geelong, and I suddenly got this opportunity to go to Melbourne and work on this professional show,” he says. “Not only that, but the show took off, as we know.”

Jane (Annie Jones) and Mike (Guy Pearce) on Neighbours.

Who knows? Maybe one day, Guy will feel compelled to return to the show. “Revivals” are all the rage in Hollywood, after all…

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