The biggest questions the twist-filled Dead To Me season two finale left us asking – explained

What just happened?!
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We’re kicking this story off with a HUGE SPOILER WARNING.

Seriously, if you don’t want to ruin season two of Dead To Me, look away now.

After season one’s massive cliffhanger finale, we knew we were in for a dramatic second season of Netflix’s hit series.

The last time we saw Jen and Judy, they were standing over Jen’s pool while Steve, Judy’s ex-fiancée, lay floating face down, presumably dead.

We presumed right – Steve was definitely dead. And when season two picked up, we learned he had moved from the pool to the freezer.

Things weren’t looking good for Jen and Judy, and definitely not for poor Steve.

Jen and Judy can’t catch a break.

(Image: Netflix)

With blood on both their hands, Jen and Judy band together in what may be the strangest, yet strongest, display of friendship, that perfectly portrays the power of women supporting women.

Judy is still trying to cover up her involvement in Judy’s husband Ted’s murder by pointing to an also dead Steve, while Jen is trying to cover up what she’s done to Steve.

It’s a merry-go-round of pure chaos.

And when Steve’s twin brother Ben (we’re truly grateful they found a way to keep James Marsden in the series) turns up – he’s the complete opposite of his despicable brother – chaos gets a messy.

It all culminates in one very big finale, which we really need to discuss.

A confessional

Jen makes a full confession to Perez.

(Image: Netflix)

The weight of what Jen has done finally becomes too much for the mother-of-two.

And honestly, can you blame her? Even we are exhausted under the weight of her lies.

Jen makes a full confession to Judy that she didn’t kill Steve out of self-defence, and then confesses to Detective Perez.

All we can think is: Jen are you crazy?!

After walking Perez through exactly what happened, and attempting to direct her to the body, something very unexpected happens.

Perez sends Jen home. They’re going to pretend that none of this happened.

While we knew deep, deep, down Perez was a softy at heart we can’t help but wonder, for how long will she let Jen go? Is it a temporary pardoning so she can spend time with her boys or has she turned a blind eye for good?

We’re hoping it’s the latter.

Body woes

Keeping James on cast with a twin brother – genius.

(Image: Netflix)

After a failed attempt at recovering the body in the woods, it’s a hiker who stumbles upon Steve’s remains.

It becomes clear the police are called when Steve’s brother Ben receives a telling and heartbreaking call.

He leaves to what we assume is go and identify the body, but before he does he tells his elderly mother he’s going to buy more ice cream.


This leaves us with two BIG questions, one possibly easier to answer than the other: Why does Steve lie to his mother? And, will this change Perez’s stance on letting Jen go?

After all, it’s harder to cover up a crime when the body finally appears.

Money, honey

That’s a lot of money.

(Image: Netflix)

Okay, we know Steve was loaded, but for the entirety of the last two seasons Judy has been penniless. At one point, she was even living in a car.

When she finally recovers her lost paintings in the finale we see her crack them open to reveal hundreds of thousands of dollars.

So, where did Judy get all that cash?

Steve’s accounts had been frozen, and sure it could’ve been placed in there long before, but we’re dubious.

We’d even go as far as to guess this could be dirty money from Steve’s ties to the Greek mafia. Which could lead down a dangerous path in season three…

Out with a bang (and a crash)

What has Ben done?

(Image: Netflix)

In the final moments of the season it seems like everything is turning around for both Jen and Judy.

They’re cashed up and walking free (for now, at least), and Jen even managed to get her stop sign approved.

If you forget the whole double murder incident, these two friends are living the life.

But as Jen drives past the stop sign, she and Judy are hit by another car.

Behind the wheel is Ben, and we see he’s been drinking. Seeing what he’s done, empty bottle in the passenger seat, Ben frantically speeds off.

The story has come full circle in some strange kind of hit-and-run poetic justice.

But, that leaves us with the biggest question of them all: what happens next?

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