A Place To Call Home: Jenni Baird on why she loved playing the villain

Jenni's divisive character Regina was killed off.
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Regina (Jenni Baird) shockingly died in Sunday night’s episode of A Place To Call Home – and it has now sparked a murder investigation in the town of Inverness. The number one suspect? The devious Sir Richard (Mark Lee).

At first, it’s thought Regina drowned in the river. But when that theory is discounted, suspicions turn to Sir Richard. We know he’s capable of underhanded deeds, but did the newspaper magnate really kill Regina?

As Henry (Tim Draxl) and Sarah (Marta Dusseldorp) carry out an autopsy on Regina’s body, they assume she took her own life. But they notice she had bruises on her arms and neck, and flecks of skin under her finger nails.

They later discover Regina didn’t drown – she was dead before she hit the water.

a place to call home

Who killed Regina?

Sir Richard (left) is the prime suspect.

So, what did Jenni have to say about playing the controversial character?

“A lot of people hated Regina, and just wanted her gone. Other fans loved her. For me, it’s been a gift role,” she tells TV WEEK.

“She was multi-faceted and wore many different masks. In one scene, she was the manipulative, scheming Regina. The next, she’s the scared little girl Regina.

“I loved the scenes with Brett [Climo], because you would get the most beautiful version of Regina she could be. His character, George, was very cruel. Can you imagine being desperately in love with someone and having them marry you, but not being into you?” she continues.

“You wouldn’t do that to someone. All of that has only been fun for me to play.”

We’ll miss you, Jenni!

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