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Surprise! Angie Kent is completely smitten with The Bachelor’s Matt Agnew and who could blame her?

Our adorbs new Bachelorette is crushing hard on the buff Bachie!
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She’s about to date a bevy of blokes in the hopes of finding her future husband, but if Australia’s newest Bachelorette Angie Kent had her time again, it sounds like she’d apply for the upcoming season of The Bachelor instead.

Why? Well, the blonde bombshell, 29, has admitted she’s crushing hard on our new Bachie Matt Agnew. OMG!

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“He’s a beautiful specimen,” Angie gushed to NW when we caught up with her at the TV WEEK Logie Awards on June 30.

The former Gogglebox star even revealed that if she and Matt, 31, had randomly met each other at a bar before being cast on their respective shows, she would have totally pursued a relationship with him.

“He’s smart and funny. It’s everything that I look for in a man,” she said.

Angie is crushing hard on Matt!

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While friends and fans alike think the two would make a pretty amazing couple, unfortunately for Angie, it wasn’t meant to be as she also tells us that Matt has nabbed ‘The One’.

“He’s found the love of his life, which I’m so stoked for,” she insisted.

No doubt this is music to Bachie producers’ ears after last year’s disastrous finale, where Nick “Honey Badger” Cummins sent both finalists packing.

And while she may still be on the hunt, Angie’s quietly confident that she will get her match made in heaven as well.

“I think I will find the love of my life too,” she tells NW. “I know that my one is still out there.”

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Just last week, Channel Ten revealed the first trailer of Matt’s season and we finally know what he sounds like!

In the trailer, we also see some of the ladies vying for Matt’s heart, including Abbie, who clearly liked what she saw.

When Matt shared what he did for a living, the blonde beauty responded, “I’m a Gemini,” leaving the 30 year-old astrophysicist a little stumped.

But picking up what she was putting down, he sweetly replied: “I’m a Leo.”

Watch the trailer in the player above!

Angie is all smiles on the red carpet at the TV WEEK Logie awards with Matt.

(Source: Media Mode)

We also grasped a better understanding of what Matt does for a living. Because if you weren’t entirely sure what an astrophysicist does, you’re not the only one.

“As an astrophysicist, I get to do research to try and find another planet for future generations to live on,” he reveals.

Be still our beating hearts!

“I’m really proud of what I’ve achieved in my career so far, but at the end of the day, you can’t have a cuddle with a PhD.”

We’re not sure about you, but we can’t WAIT for this season to start!

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