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Is this our Sole Survivor? The winner of Survivor: Blood V Water has been leaked

What a way to end the jaw-dropping series!
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Survivor: Blood V Water is one of the franchise’s best concepts ever because the stakes have never been higher!

The beloved show has put its castaways into the game with a relative or friend as a pair.

Considering, the show has already shocked us many times over the years without families involved before the first episode aired, we knew it was going to offer some incredibly shaky situations.

Sandra was eliminated by her daughter Nina, of all people, and it was a shock.

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Merely two weeks into the competition, there were too many high-stakes moments to count.

Like Mark Wales completely obliterating all in his path, Sam Frost’s brother Alex injuring himself and ultimately forfeiting the game, and Survivor’s Queen Sandra Diaz-Twine’s very own daughter Nina booting her out.

The emotions are high, and we imagine they’re only going to get higher, but it appears the sole player who will rise above the rest will be none other than Mark, who came onto the show with his wife, Samantha Gash.

Betting website Sportsbet, which has predicted winners of SAS Australia, The Masked Singer, The Bachelor, and The Bachelorette, accurately has ranked Mark with 1.50 odds.

The former SAS soldier had come on the show for a redemption round after he was evicted from the island when he made his debut on Survivor season two. However, it wasn’t that much of a loss because he got to meet his future wife on the series, and they now share a son called Harry.

The former SAS solider is set to win big!

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And he’s making an impact, alright – Mark’s ranking a landslide ahead of the other heavy hitters.

Shayelle Lajoie is coming up second with 7.00 odds, and Sam follows her at 10.00.

Fan favourite Chrissy Zaremba, who supposedly thought the contestants “got pillows” when the cameras were off before stepping foot on the show, is ranked fourth at 11.00.

But who do you have your bets on?

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Finally, her brother-in-law and partner on Survivor, Michael Crocker, is fifth with 13.00 odds.

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