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EXCLUSIVE: Sophia and Romel’s dramatic walkout on My Kitchen Rules

What pushes Sophia and Romel over the edge?
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It’s the face-off that’s been brewing from day one: Mark vs Romel.

As tensions reach an all-time high on My Kitchen Rules this week, contentious duo Romel and Sophia, walk out of the competition.

But, it isn’t Mark who sends the faves team packing – it’s their teammate, Dan.

Tensions are rising on the MKR set.

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From the moment the returning favourites made their surprise entrance in the competition, Mark says he knew he would clash with Romel.

“They walked into the garden of the mansion, and I had this massive realization that he was here to antagonise me, I just knew it,” Mark, 40, tells TV WEEK.

When the catty comments and snide remarks start flying, the biggest argument of the season erupts.

That is, until, Romel takes it a step too far by insulting Mark and others around the table.

“I said a couple of things to Mark and I didn’t feel good about myself,” Romel explains.

“I knew I had to apologise for my own peace of mind but also to put Mark at ease.”

Romel tries to apologise to Mark.

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When the fans and faves return for the next instant restaurant, true to his word, Romel apologises to Mark.

The apology, however, doesn’t cut it for teammate, Dan, who interjects and asks for an apology to the other teams Romel insulted.

“I held my tongue for long enough,” Dan, 38, says.

“I didn’t agree with the way he spoke to people.”

But Romel, believing he’s said his peace, is blindsided by the comment.

“I was gobsmacked,” Romel explains.

“My apology came from the heart. For Dan to do that, to make himself look good, that didn’t sit right with me.”

“I didn’t agree with the way he spoke to people,” Dan says.

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What comes next shocks the table. After chatting privately, Sophia and Romel decide to leave.

The director of a Sydney portraiture studio goes on to explain his decision to walk out was a culmination of shock, betrayal and feeling “uncomfortable” in the house.

“There was this pack mentality within house Manu that made Sophia and I extremely uncomfortable.

“I had a talk with Sophia, and knowing how rattled, stressed and uncomfortable she felt, as her partner, I had to back her up.”

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Scoring sabotage

Talk of strategic voting between the Fans and Faves has been rife in MKR so far.

This week, however, Team Manu – mentored by superchef Manu Feildel – is at odds when scoring one of their own, in what looks like sabotage.

After an amazing performance by one of their own teams, everyone agrees it was a great effort. Dan, however, begins to nit-pick. And it soon becomes clear he has maintaining his place at the top of the leaderboard in mind.

“I’m starting to see through the cracks,” Roula, 36, says to camera.

“Dan and Steph have their own little thing going on.”

As scores are revealed, it looks as though it might not be house versus house, but every team for themselves!

Team Manu is at odds when scoring one of their own in what looks like sabotage.

(Image: Channel Seven)

Is Dan MKR’s secret villain?

It’s one thing to expect bickering and strategic play from some of the show’s biggest personalities, Romel and Mark. But fans may be shocked this week when Romel outs Dan for sneaky tactics behind the scenes.

In the lead-up to Romel’s clash with Mark at the table, and his subsequent apology, the Sydney socialite reveals Dan conspired to “rattle” Mark.

“What really rattled me,” Romel says, “was that behind the scenes, Dan was always [saying], ‘Romel, what are we going to do, what are we going to say, how are we going to rattle Mark?'”

Romel reveals Dan conspired to “rattle” Mark.

(Image: Channel Seven)

Romel hints that some teams in the competition are taking their strategy to another level.

“Certain contestants portray themselves to be a certain way,” he says.

“But behind the scenes, it’s a completely different story.”

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