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Married At First Sight’s Martha Kalifatadis slams eight rude fan questions she’s asked daily

From ''are you pregnant?'' to ''how much do you get paid?''
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Every day, Martha Kalifatadis is flooded with questions from fans about everything from her figure, to her relationship with Michael Brunelli, to what she ate for dinner.

While the usually open Married At First Sight alum is happy to share many parts of her life on social media, she drew the line on Sunday night when it comes to nosy fans.

During a casual Instagram Q&A session, Martha revealed the eight questions she’s sick of being asked over social media and in real life.

Revealing that fans demand answers to some of the queries on a daily basis, she set a clear boundary around several deeply personal topics.

Martha Kalifatadis has clapped back at rude and personal questions she’s asked daily.

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The questions she vetoed included “are you pregnant?”, “when are you going to have a baby?” and “when are you getting married?” in the top three spots.

In fourth place was “did you buy your house?”, followed by “how many carats is your [engagement] ring?” and “how much do you get paid?”.

She also called out fans who ask about her cosmetic procedures, specifically “where did you get your nose/boobs done?”, and those who ask how much she weighs.

Though the former reality star likes to share personal details on Instagram, it’s obvious that some of the questions she’s getting daily are far too personal for her liking.

But that didn’t stop some fans from asking questions very similar to the ones she clapped back at during the very same Instagram Q&A.

One fan asked how many carats her sparkling diamond necklace was, to which Martha replied with an exasperated expression “comparison is the thief of joy”.

Another follower enquired about the specifics of her breast augmentation, but the 32-year-old quickly shut that down too.

“It really worries me when people ask me for advice on this or would even be influenced by what I say,” she replied.

Martha proved her point by refusing to answer specific questions that pushed her boundaries.

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“I’ve decided not to share details about my surgery on here because it’s not a one size fits all… You need to speak with your surgeon, the only person who is qualified to give their opinion on which option is best for you.”

Martha’s candid reflection on the questions she’s sick of being asked and refuses to answer raises an interesting discussion about the privacy of social media personalities.

While stars like Martha, fiancé Michael Brunelli, and other Married At First Sight alums often turn social media into a career, they also deserve the right to set boundaries about their personal lives and privacy.

Of course, the line between what is personal and public becomes blurred when these stars share so much of their lives online with hundreds of thousands of followers.

WATCH: A close up look at Martha’s stunning engagement ring. Story continues after video.

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It’s only natural that some fans would become curious about Martha’s relationship, for example, or how much money she earns through her social media career.

But for now, at least, she’s keeping those details private and fans who ask one of the eight questions she’s sick of receiving probably won’t be getting an answer any time soon.

With the latest season of Married At First Sight set to premiere tonight, the new brides and grooms may want to take a leaf out of Martha’s book when it comes to social media.

Some of the show’s stars, like Davina Rankin, faced cruel trolling online after their seasons aired, but Martha has managed to maintain a huge public profile with fairly minimal backlash.

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