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Married At First Sight: Secrets from the reunion dinner party

Get ready for some fireworks!
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As we get to the pointy end of this year’s explosive season of Married At First Sight, we’re all holding our breath for what’s to come at the reunion dinner party.

From the trailers, we’ve seen wine being thrown, yelling and full on accusations so it’s set to be a drama-packed episode.

Now Woman’s Day can reveal the reunion dinner party secrets from behind the scenes of the craziest season yet!

1. Ines’ shock sedation

One spy reveals the usually fiery Ines, 28, arrives on set looking noticeably thinner and seemingly under heavy medication!

“She had to be carried out of the party and later told her co-stars she ‘didn’t remember a thing’ from the night,” says the source. “She may have been mixing prescriptions to treat her chronic anxiety and PTSD,” adds the spy.

Ines was apparently carried out of the dinner party. (Image: Instagram @innnnnnes)

2. Moral code broken

This season was controversial, thanks to the couple-swapping, but Woman’s Day is told that when it comes to reunion night, even the more righteous contestants got involved!

“It’s like the morals of the experiment were thrown out the window,” one participant dishes. “So many of the remaining singles were hooking up with each other – they may as well have had an orgy!”

3. Producers lash out

An insider explains that the chaos of the reunion dinner party from hell all gets too much for one exasperated producer, who apparently hurls an ice bucket at participants in order to get their attention.

“Shut the f**k up! I have never in my time seen such childish behaviour and immaturity,” the producer allegedly yells.

Meanwhile, another source dishes, “They were struggling to contain the cast – they stopped serving alcohol and had to call security in for back up!”

“They were struggling to contain the cast – they stopped serving alcohol and had to call security in for back up!” (Image: Channel Nine)

4. Cyclone Cyrell comes back

The insider spills that the reunion night – and season – comes to a climax with an explosive fight between arch rivals Cyrell and Martha.

“Derogatory comments are made about Martha’s face, resulting in Martha pouring a glass of wine over Cyrell’s head,” the source dishes. “Cyrell is like a bull to red and lunges at Martha, but Sam manages to restrain her. It gets wild!” says the insider.

5. A drug scandal

An insider from the set claims that one rowdy couple arrived at the reunion dinner “off their faces” and were telling their fellow contestants that they had been doing drugs beforehand…

WATCH: The explosive moment Cyrell confronts Martha. Post continues…

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6. Happy ending

After all the drama, the night ends on a high note, with one groom getting down on one knee!

The much-needed happy ending was a surprise to the participants and producers, who were left teary-eyed for the duo.

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