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MAFS couple swap bombshell: Are Martha and Sam together now?!

Looks like a new groom’s keeping up with the Kimmy K klone!
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Martha Kalifatidis and her love-struck hubby Michael Brunelli might be one of this season’s poster couples on Married at First Sight, but it appears in the months since filming ended they’ve called it quits – and Martha’s rebounded with fellow participant Sam Ball.

NW can exclusively reveal that the pair have been enjoying clandestine meet-ups for the last four months, and even had a romantic date in Byron Bay – where Sam was living at the time – back in December!

According to a source, Sam, 26, and 30-year-old Martha “only had eyes for each other” as they chatted away over cocktails.

They were oblivious to everything going on around them.”

A second source tells NW that they also spotted the twosome on a date in Sydney in late February, where they acted very much like a couple.

“Even though they were doing their best to fly under the radar, at one point Martha got up and sat on Sam’s lap. They were being really affectionate with one another,” dishes the eye witness. Poor Michael!

WATCH: MAFS’ Ines says Sam is a snack. Story continues after video…

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Fuelling speculation the duo are set to become an official item is Sam’s big move to Sydney, where Martha also lives near Bondi Beach.

He appears to have given up his day job as a tradie and has since signed on with a Sydney modelling agency – a career path after Martha’s own heart!

What’s even more convincing is that Martha is said to have introduced Sam to her parents during her time in Byron. And they’re apparently smitten!

“While Michael impressed them, Sam has won them over, too,” the source reveals.

“Martha and Michael’s lives were just too different… I hate to say it, but their marriage was never going to work.”

The camera’s mightn’t have caught it, but another couple swap might have happened right under our noses! (Image: Nine)

While Martha and Sam are staying tight-lipped about their relationship, Sam has openly admitted that he finds the make-up artist gorgeous.

In fact, he tells NW he wishes he’d opted to leave his on-screen wife Elizabeth Sobinoff for Martha, instead of having an “affair” with Ines Basic.

“Martha is attractive and she knows what she wants,” he gushes.

“I love how confident she is in her own skin… Not to the point where Elizabeth was [which was] an arrogant way… but in a beautiful way, where she can just be someone who can stand by my side and we conquer the world together.”

However, the source says we’ll get a glimpse of their romance at the upcoming two-part reunion, which was filmed in January, just weeks after Martha and Sam’s Byron dinner date.

“It’s very telling that when Cyrell [Paule] attacks Martha, she runs to Sam for protection, and not Michael,” dishes a source. Hmmm…

Understandably, Michael, 27, is devastated by the shock turn of events, with the source spilling, “He gave everything to the experiment and to Martha. He feels totally betrayed and more than a little played.”

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