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Married At First Sight: The brutal rejection that no one saw coming

''Stop. Just stop. This is bulls--t''
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If you’re feeling a little emotional and deflated after Monday’s episode of Married at First Sight, we can hardly blame you.

Firstly, we had Martha Kalifatidis pouring her heart out to Michael Brunelli, who in turn gave us a massive heart attack by teasing that he was going to break Martha’s heart (and ours), only to finally say “I love you” and admit he was willing to relocate to Sydney for her. Talk about a rollercoaster ride that was…

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And then we had Ning Suriasing and Mark Scrivens.

Ah, Ning and Mark. The couple with so many emotional walls to break through that no bulldozer company would have enough machinery in the world to assist.

After weeks of unhappiness, happiness and just plain “eh”-ness, Mark continued to fight for his bride keeping her in the experiment every time she chose to say “leave”.

But this time, it was Mark who rejected Ning, and to be honest, not one person saw it coming – least of all Ning!

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Mark reading his vows to Ning, who then threw them on the floor. (Source: Channel 9)

After Ning poured her heart out to Mark (“You helped me heal and for that I thank you”), and then ultimately deciding to “stay” beyond the experiment – Mark told her:

“You’re one of the funniest people I’ve ever met. Your sense of humour is unmatched. Your laugh while saying yes is contagious. You are incredibly selfless and you always consider others first.

“You stand up for what you believe in and you are a very loyal friend to those close to you. All qualities I’ve been looking for in a partner.

“You and I have shared so many unbelievable moments and sharing them with you has made the last two months absolutely incredible.

At this point, Ning was none the wiser. (Source: Channel 9)

“Ning, I came on here to find love but I haven’t found it with you.”

“Even though my feelings for you are strong, I don’t see these feelings being strong enough to survive after the experiment ends and they aren’t strong enough strong enough to move your entire life and three children to another city for me.”

“In you, I’ve found an awesome person that I respect, admire, adore, this has been one of the most…”

“Just stop. This is bulls—t.” Ning interrupted.

“I didn’t find love with you Mark but I wanted to give it a go.” Oooft.

Both Ning and Mark were heartbroken. (Source: Channel 9)

While we could pin point the exact moment Ning’s heart shattered into a million little pieces, no one was more shocked by her reaction than Mark.

“It’s caught me a bit off guard to be honest,” Mark said. “I actually didn’t know that she would stay.”

“Tonight was the first time that she’s actually fought for the relationship. I actually genuinely thought that she would leave but I thought that she would say we were better off as friends.

“I genuinely like her but I hadn’t seen anything at all in this experiment, of what I saw tonight.”

As with all things that are not meant to be, Ning and Mark have gone their seperate ways.

Ning will go back to her three children while Mark will head back home an emotionally stronger man – back to to his empty fridge and that one, single, lonely blue plastic cup.

Goodbye Mark and Ning. It’s been a ride.

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