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Bride & Prejudice’s Hank and Lily refuse to let anyone ruin their wedding plans

“We’re going ahead!”
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Hank’s parents Terry and Margaret have branded his fiancée Lily a “controlling, feminist vegetarian” on Bride & Prejudice.

They’d prefer Hank date a woman “who doesn’t speak back and does what she’s told.”

Nevertheless, Hank is confident he and Lily will “absolutely” walk down the aisle – whether his parents like it or not!

Hank and Lily plan to wed regardless of his parents’ attitude.

Despite this, Lily, 23, still hopes her potential father-in-law will put aside his antiquated beliefs.

“We want them to be there and to accept me,” she tells TV WEEK. “It would be hard to get married without them there. But at the end of the day, it’s our marriage and our lives.

“We hope Terry will have that light-bulb moment and will put his family above his beliefs.”

Terry and Margaret are very conservative.

Terry has infuriated viewers due to his old-fashioned views about the world – whether it’s about feminism, race or sexuality.

Meanwhile, Hank has no sympathy for his old man. In fact, he doubts his dad has any regrets.

“He wouldn’t take anything back,” Hank, 26, says. “He’s very stuck in his ways. It’s hurtful.”

Lily and Hank are madly in love.

As for the future, Lily is understandably worried about the role Hank’s parents will play should the loved-up couple decide to one day have children.

“I don’t want that kind of negativity around my kids,” she says. “I want us to bring up our children how we see fit, and have the support of the grandparents.”

Bride & Prejudice airs Monday and Tuesday, 7:30pm, on Channel Seven.

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