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EXCLUSIVE: I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here’s Erin Barnett says Charlotte and Ryan’s romance was “annoying”

''Can you cuddle and kiss somewhere else? Stop it!''
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She lasted three weeks in the South African jungle, but on Wednesday night we bid farewell to Erin Barnett on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.

The former Love Island star made us laugh during her tucker trials and cry when she confessed about her endometriosis struggles and while we’re sad to see her go, the 24-year-old is happy to be back in the real world.

Erin gave us a buzz all the way from South Africa to talk about her wild three weeks in the jungle, plus what she really makes of Charlotte Crosby and Ryan Gallagher’s budding romance.

Erin is out of the jungle!

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Now To Love: Erin! Congratulations on making it this far, how are you feeling to be out of camp?

Erin: I’m honestly feeling happy. I couldn’t go any longer, I was at my end and when I heard my name I thought this was just a sign. I did what I could and I’m happy to be going home to see my family. I think three weeks is a decent amount in the jungle.

You ate some rather questionable things during your trials, what was the worst?

Definitely the impala anus but the texture of that egg, I’ll never be able to eat a boiled egg again.

Gross! So what was your first meal once you were out?

Fettuccine carbonara with all the Parmesan and mozzarella cheese in the world. And I didn’t share it with anyone, I even said to the people around me “I’m not sharing.”

“I think three weeks is a decent amount in the jungle.”

(Image: Network Ten)

The rice and beans diet is notorious for weight loss, how much did you lose in the end?

I lost about seven point something kilos. It was a lot and you notice it immediately in the jungle just because everyone around you starts losing weight and you look around and think this is a crazy, hectic diet to be on.

You also spoke a bit about your endometriosis at camp, did you expect such a strong reaction especially from Miguel [Maestre]?

I honestly didn’t. He’s such a beautiful guy and to see this story really touched him it made me want to give him a hug. He would be the perfect husband because the way he speaks about his beautiful wife Sascha, I think I love her too now.

Erin says Miguel would be “the perfect husband.”

(Image: Network Ten)

Who will you miss most at camp? Seeing as you guys are with each other all the time, you must’ve gotten really close.

You really do whether you like it or not, everyone’s so close in there. It was literally like the Brady Bunch. But Rhonda [Burchmore] and Myf [Warhurst] one thousand per cent.

You had your eyelash brush and were big on beauty but it seems like Rhonda was quite the beauty queen herself!

She was using the olive oil to spruce up her hair, she was using the coal to do her eyebrows. I was looking at her thinking “You’re already the Queen of the Jungle, what are we doing here? Let’s just speed this up and give her the crown.”

WATCH BELOW: I’m A Celeb‘s Erin was on Beauty and the Geek. Post continues after video…

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We also can’t get enough of Charlotte and Ryan’s relationship. Is it exactly as it seems to us on TV?

It’s definitely what you see. There’s a relationship building, they’ll probably come out as boyfriend and girlfriend. It was almost annoying because it was making us miss our partners and I always said to them “Can you cuddle and kiss somewhere else? Stop it!”

You and your own partner seem very loved-up though, you must’ve missed him heaps.

I missed him so much and I spoke about him so much in camp. Everyone said they’re so excited to meet him and it was just amazing that I could sit there with a smile on my face and talk about him.

It’s been just over a year with him but word is you’re keen for him to pop the question.

Oh yeah a hundred per cent. I was kind of hoping before the show so I could show off the ring but it didn’t happen so I’ll just do it another day. If he doesn’t do it on the day, I’ll be like “Can we push back the date of the reunion please?” to give him a couple more days. It would be one big reality TV reunion!

Erin and partner Mick have been together over a year and she’s ready for the next step.

(Image: Instagram @erin.alysha)

You’ve starred on three reality shows now, would you consider doing another one?

A thousand per cent, I’m up for anything really. But probably wouldn’t want to do anything that involves pooing and peeing in a bucket. So we’ve got Dancing With The Stars!

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