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Dancing With The Stars’ Jett Kenny’s red-hot romance with four dancers

With his movie star looks and charm, Lisa Curry and Grant Kenny’s son Jett has left a trail of broken hearts on DWTS.
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TV’s hottest bachelor Jett Kenny is sending shockwaves through the Dancing With The Stars cast as his list of conquests grows among the beautiful young dancers fighting for his attention behind the scenes.

With his rippling abs and perfectly chiselled body, the genetically blessed 24-year-old is already deflecting rumours of a steamy off-screen romance with his sexy dance partner Lily Cornish.

And she’s just one of four dancers on the show who have been romantically linked to Jett, with the sexual tension sparking jealousy and catfights among the smitten female dancers lusting after the Thor lookalike.

“Everyone who meets him falls in love,” reveals one insider, who says Jett is the complete package.

“He’s almost impossibly handsome but he’s also sensitive and caring. I go weak at the knees whenever he looks my way.”

His sizzling chemistry with stunning Tasmanian brunette Lily has everyone behind the scenes speculating the couple are more than just dance partners, and has sparked jealousy among three of the other professional dancers.

“What a fantastic looking couple you are!” said judge Tristan after they danced the cha-cha. (Image: Network Ten)

Jealousy on set

“Jorja, Siobhan and Megan are insanely jealous Lily gets to spend so much time with Jett, and there are all sorts of rumours floating around about secret hook-ups and jealous spats once the cameras stop rolling,” our insider reveals.

“Jett really seems to have fallen for Lily, but the rest of them are throwing themselves at him as well. He’s a pretty sweet guy and I’m not sure he knows what to do with all the attention. I’ve never seen anything like it.”

“On the surface the girls appear to all get on, but behind the scenes they’re furious Lily got Jett as her partner knowing they’re one of the hot favourites to win, while they’ve ended up with the old fellas Sam [Johnson], Miguel [Maestre] and Curtly [Ambrose].”

Siobhan (Curtly Ambrose’s partner), Jorja (Samuel Johnson’s partner) and Megan (Miguel Maestre’s partner) are all vying for Jett’s attention. (Images L-R: Instagram @siobhanlpower/@jorjarae_/@meganwragg)

The only person not talking about Jett is the ironman himself.

“He’s a definite heartbreaker, but from what I’ve seen he isn’t the sort of man to kiss and tell,” our source says.

“But I do know Lily moved up to the Sunshine Coast weeks ago and she and Jett spend a lot of time together.”

The loved-up pair have been regularly spotted around Jett’s hometown of Mooloolaba,with locals last week revealing that they seem like “the sweetest couple” when they step out for dinner on the Sunshine Coast.

WATCH: Jett Kenny and Lily Cornish on Dancing With The Stars. Post continues…

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Lily’s a winner

With so many of the professional female dancers smitten, no one has been more surprised over his growing playboy reputation than his parents, former ironman champion Grant Kenny and Olympic swimmer Lisa Curry.

“Lisa, Grant and the girls [his two sisters Morgan and Jaimi Lee] absolutely love Lily,” our source says.

“Over the past few years, Jett’s had women throwing themselves at him, but he’s never really had a girlfriend. He’s the sort of guy who would rather wait for the right one – and it looks like he’s got himself a winner with Lily.”

“He’s got himself a winner with Lily.” (Image: Network Ten)

“He’s an old-fashioned gentleman, which is rare these days, and before Lisa encouraged him towards a career in showbiz and modelling, he was happy to just hang with his mates and spend time with his family.”

“I know Lily loves how genuine he is and that he’s still pretty down to earth despite growing up in a famous family and having all that attention from the other dancers. I really do think they are a great match.”

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