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DWTS’ Chloe Lattanzi reveals the reason why she isn’t married to her long term partner James Driskill

The dancing queen gets frank.
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Chloe Lattanzi calls James Driskill her “husband”, but they don’t have the paperwork.

“To be honest, we’re just lazy,” the Dancing With The Stars contestant tells TV WEEK with a laugh.

“We know we’re soulmates, we know we’re committed – we call each other husband and wife – so we’re just like, ‘OK, we’ll get to the paperwork when we have time.'”

Chloe and James met in 2009.

Chloe Lattanzi on Instagram (@chloelattanziofficial)

The daughter of Aussie singing legend Olivia Newton-John would like to get married in Australia, and so would James.

“He loves the idea,” Chloe, 34, adds.

James uploaded the photo on his Instagram with the caption “I am a lucky guy”.

James Driskill on Instagram (@jamesdriskill)

Australians could soon be seeing a lot more of the US-based actress and singer. Chloe says she’s been offered roles on local TV shows, not just acting but “everything you can think of”.

Chloe dances with professional dancer, Gustavo Viglio, on Dancing With the Stars.

(Credit: Channel 10)

“There are a few offers, so I haven’t decided,” she says. “I’ll probably make those announcements when Dancing With The Stars is finished.”

Chloe’s acting CV includes roles in the zombie western Dead 7 and the sci-fi comedy Sharknado 5: Global Swarming.

“I did it because I got to do it with my mum,” she says of Sharknado 5. “It was just a fun experience.”

Chloe dedicates dance to her mum Olivia Newton-John

Chloe Lattanzi on Instagram (@chloelattanziofficial)

Chloe “very much” prefers Australia to the US, but there’s one thing that stops her from spending more time here: her dogs, Peanut and Jelly. She doesn’t want to put them in the cargo hold of a plane.

“I was thinking, ‘Maybe I’ll ask John Travolta if he’ll fly me on his big plane privately, just for my dogs!'” she says. “My babies – I’d jump in front of a bus for them. They’re everything to me.”

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