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EXCLUSIVE: Big Brother’s Chris reveals one outspoken housemate is being “watered-down” on-screen

''So much more intense than what you see on TV.''
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The strategy and game play we’ve come to know and love about the revamped Big Brother well and truly kicked off this evening after a week of the housemates finding their feet and settling in.

Tonight it was Daniel V Chris, alliance V alliance.

Having been outplayed in a not-so-secret “blindside” move by overly zealous Daniel, Chris was sent packing.

As the magician left the house, having been evicted by his peers, he lamented, “Unless I’ve got him [Daniel] completely mistaken, he’s not the kind of guy you’d want to be doing dealings with.”

Chris was sent home in a twist eviction.

(Channel Seven)

Speaking exclusively with Now To Love, Chris reveals his outspoken and over-the-top rival, Dan, was much more difficult to live with than what’s been portrayed on screen.

“I believe he is being watered down,” Chris says, “And I’ll be very surprised if any other housemate doesn’t back that statement up.”

“Living with him was so much more intense than what you see on TV. It was fundamentally unpleasant.”

Chris says “it was fundamentally unpleasant” to live with Dan.

(Channel Seven)

The international performer, who is one half of the naked magicians, added that while he believed some housemates were “playing it up for the cameras” Dan wasn’t quite one of them.

“I think he’s just showing the most exciting bits of himself. He knows the cameras are on him, but at the same time that is actually him – that’s why I’m not following him on Instagram.”

The real estate agent isn’t the only housemate who fans aren’t seeing in full light.

According to Chris, at the complete opposite end of the scale is 21-year-old, Tilly, one of the most underestimated housemates of the season.

There’s more than meets the eye with Tilly.

(Channel Seven)

“I don’t have any sisters and I just fell in love with her, not romantically but I remember we had this amazing chat one day, I gave her a hug and I just wanted to protect her.

“She’s not how she appears to be, and I don’t mean that in the sense that she is playing the game but as in that initial response that her appearance evokes from everyone or when she talks and says something daggy.

“The more time you spend with her, the greater she becomes.”

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