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Bachelorette Todd: My battle with an eating disorder

He might be a potential knight in shining armour for Ali Oetjen but Todd King has revealed the truth behind his real life fight for health.
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He’s arguably the most handsome of suitors vying for Ali Oetjen’s heart, but in a heartbreaking admission The Bachelorette‘s “knight in shining armour” Todd King, 26, reveals he battled with an eating disorder before finding reality TV fame.

Ali was seemingly impressed by Todd’s attempt to win her over with his (plastic) suit of armour. (Image: Network 10)

“I was obsessed with playing footy and getting lean, and my girlfriend at the time liked how I looked,” recalls the WA-based sales rep. “When we broke up I thought if I slimmed down I’d win her back.”

Todd’s eating disorder consumed him for several years. “It became an obsession,” he recalls.

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Todd was only 17 and weighed 55kg at his lowest. With the support of his family, he managed to free himself from the grips of his eating disorder.

Before and after. At his lowest, Todd weighed only 55kg. (Image: Supplied)

Heartbreak over a lost love sparked the keen footy player’s struggle with weight loss (Image: Supplied).

However, Todd says he hasn’t fully recovered. “I still struggle with body dysmorphia in terms of wanting to stay fit and lean,” he admits.

But the hunky contestant may be in the running to win Bachelorette Ali’s heart after his performance on last week’s premiere of the show. For not only did Todd dress up as a knight in shining armour to impress Ali, but he also stuck it out in gloriously awkward fashion.

Watching Todd struggle to get into the limo wearing his armour, and then watching him awkwardly wait in costume, has to be the highlight of the night. Not to mention, the hilarious squeaky sound he made with each step.

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Todd appeared in a suit of armour while Dan tried his best to woo Ali and a nation of Bachelorette fans swooned. (Image: Network 10)

The 26-year-old told Ali, “I have been unlucky in love in the past, I’ve definitely had my heartbroken. And now I’m just here on a whim, hoping that it all turns out for the best”. Umm… that sounds like it could have been a direct quote from the Ali Oetjen playbook, so maybe these two really are soul mates?

All we know so far about Todd is that he’s a sales rep based out of Perth, and has an adorable pet dog. Enough said already.

Ali gave Todd a rose which must have made all that squeaky, sweaty business in his plastic suit of armour worthwhile. (Image: Network 10)

Judging by the cute pictures on Todd’s Instagram, he definitely presents himself as an outdoorsy type of guy and he’s sure looking a whole lot healthier these days, both of which are definitely going to appeal to health nut Ali.

Fingers crossed that Ali doesn’t break sensitive Todd’s heart for it seems The Bachelorette‘s contestant has had more than his fair share of heartache already.

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