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Bachelor In Paradise’s Bill Goldsmith slammed over tone-deaf Anzac Day Instagram post

Is this guy serious?!
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Anzac Day is supposed to be the one day of the year where we commemorate the sacrifices made by our service men and women, recognising the thousands of Australians who have died at war.

But it seems if you’re a Bachelor In Paradise star, it’s the perfect excuse to remind all of your Instagram followers that you’re on a reality show and another #content opportunity.

One of BIP’s most controversial contestants, Bill Goldsmith, has been slammed on social media over a tone-deaf Instagram post he put up on Anzac Day.

Writing in a caption alongside a happy, smiling couple photo of himself and fellow contestant Alex Nation, Bill wrote: “Happier times 🌴@bachelorinparadiseau @alexandranation lestweforget🌺.This part didn’t make the edit.”

Bill was attempting to make a joke about his failed relationship with Alex, by using the phrase “Lest We Forget”, something that should really only be used in the context of remembering service men and women who have sacrificed their lives at war.

But no, that concept was a little lost on Bill.

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The Instagram post Bill made on Anzac Day. (Image: @bill.michael.goldsmith/Instagram)

Thankfully, Bill’s followers called him out right away.

“WTF does this pic have to do with Anzac Day? So distasteful mate,” one follower wrote.

Bill’s charming response? “The day it’s posted.”

Earlier in the day, Bill had actually attended a dawn service himself and posted about it on his Instagram stories, so many of his followers were quick to call out the strange double standard.

“Why get up early and take dawn service [Instagram] stories, if you’re going to fail epically by disrespectfully using the famously respectful ANZAC quote on an unrelated reality TV photo (presumably to promote your D-grade fame)?” one user wrote.

“Share it appropriately on one of the appropriate pics you took this morning. Unless either of you are ex-military this is a poor ethical choice bud.”

Bill’s reply to a follower who questioned his post. (Image: @bill.michael.goldsmith/Instagram)*

One of the comments that called Bill out. (Image: @bill.michael.goldsmith/Instagram)

But Bill doubled down, refusing to retract his comment or delete his photo.

In fact, he posted a meme on his Instagram stories that seemed to indicate he felt no remorse at all.

This is what he posted:

Bill posted this meme defending himself on Instaram. (Image: @bill.michael.goldsmith/Instagram)

Unfortunately, Bill wasn’t the other Bachelor In Paradise star to get in on the Anzac Day #content action.

His co-star Shannon Baff wished her followers a “Happy Anzac Day” and encouraging them to watch the show tonight.

“Tune in tonight @7.30 on 10 #bachelorinparadiseau,” she wrote alongside a gorgeous photo of herself in a bright red dress.

Bit of an excuse to post a hot pic of yourself Shan? (Image: @shannon_baff/Instagram)

But Jules Bourne has actually served overseas and posted a wonderful acknowledgement of his time in the army on Instagram, alongside a great throwback pic.

“Afghanistan seems like a lifetime ago but I’m grateful for it shaping me into the man I am today,” he wrote.

“If you told 20 yr old me I would go from the sands of Afghan to the sands of Fiji in the time I did I would have called you mad. Life is beautiful, unique and ever-changing. Enjoy your ANZAC day and use it to reflect and enjoy a few beers & cheers with mates.”

Jules posted a throwback pic on Instagram. (Image:@jules_bourne/Instagram)

Now, back to Bill. This isn’t the first time the 31-year-old plumber has gotten himself in hot water over his questionable comments on social media.

Following the tragic Lindt Cafe siege in 2014, where a gunman opened fire on customers at the cafe in Sydney’s Martin Place, Bill took to Facebook to express his disgust at what had happened.

But Bill, who was living in Melbourne at the time, quickly turned the terrorist attack into a discussion about race.

“I’m finding it so hard not to be racist, after all this stuff in Sydney,” he wrote on his personal Facebook page

Thankfully, it didn’t take long for his friends to clap back at his status.

“If a white male Australian / American / British Christian did it, would you still be thinking racist?” one user asked.

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Bill then went on to claim that “99 per cent of terrorists are Muslims, religion in a whole is a crock of sh–. It’s just a way to brainwash ppl into giving them money and get tax exemptions from the government [sic].”

They added: “I live in a Muslim/Arabic country, so you would think with the majority of people here being of that culture and religion there would be more of a chance of that s–t happening here. But no, everything besides the driving is pretty peaceful.”

“I never said I hated them,” Bill responded. “None of that s–t happens over there because they don’t like killing their own! They like making a statement against the western world!”

At the time, a Network Ten spokesperson said: “Bill has deleted the post and is extremely sorry for any offence he may have caused.”

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