Married at First Sight’s Dave and Jess’ first impressions weren’t exactly mutual

Despite Jess being an absolute stunner, the groom admitted that he “expected something a little bit different” upon meeting his wife at the aisle.
Married at first sight

The first time Jess and Dave met may have been their wedding day, but it wasn’t exactly love at first sight for this pair.

Dave, a 28-year-old account manager, stood nervously awaiting the arrival of his wife-to-be on Tuesday night’s episode of the controversial dating show.

Meanwhile his bride, a 31-year-old banking officer, took a moment to collect her concerns before walking down the aisle in a bid to meet the love of her life.

“What I’m scared of – I’m so worried that he might not be attracted to me,” the brunette beauty admitted as her limo pulled up to the alter.

“Am I pretty enough, am I skinny enough? I just hope that he’s mature enough to have the same thinking that I will, that I’m obviously there for a reason, I’ve been picked for him for a reason.”

“Physical attraction is not the be all and end all but in all honesty it probably does play a part,” says Dave.

Soon enough, it was time for her to meet her scientifically-determined match, the golf-mad groom who found a new confidence after shedding weight from his former 129 kilogram self.

While Jess seemed thrilled by the appearance of her new hubby, admitting that she thinks “he’s cute, and he’s tall”, Dave’s eyes darted off to the side while his voice over showed his true thoughts.

“If I’m being 100% honest…” he began. “I don’t want to come across as some prick. But I had expected something a little bit different.”

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Meanwhile, another couple are set to take their first steps as man and man on tonight’s episode.

Craig and Andy, the series’ first ever same sex couple have headed to New Zealand, where marriage is legal.

Craig, a 41-year-old hairdresser who has been single for three years, has been cheated on in past relationships. This time around he hopes to find The One in groom Andy, who also wants to find true commitment.

Will the show’s first same sex pair hit it off?

“I was brought up in quite a homophobic environment,” Craig said, admitted that friends had walked away when he revealed his true self.

“I honestly believed I was the only gay in the village but I wasn’t. Everybody wants to be in love so I’m hoping whoever I’m meeting is ready as well.”

Married at First Sight continues on Wednesday night at 8:40 on Channel Nine.

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