The countdown to Christmas begins with these boozy advent calendars

We’ll cheers to that.

By Chanelle Mansour
Organised chaos is perhaps the best way to describe Christmas planning; getting everyone their gifts, decorating the tree and deciding whose house will host this year - it truly is a busy time.
And yet, despite the fact that it comes every single year, on the exact same date, planning for Christmas never gets easier. Or less chaotic.
Despite the inevitable stress, counting down to the big day is never short on excitement or joy, and the best way to do so is with an advent calendar.
From your classic chocolate advent calendars to beauty and even LEGO ones, there's no shortage on niche advent calendar themes to indulge in for the holiday period.
Alcohol advent calendars are a particularly popular way to get in the festive spirit, so we've rounded up some of the best there is in Australia.

The best 2023 alcohol advent calendars in Australia

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