Why season four of Younger won’t disappoint

We know you’re excited about the return of Younger to Stan, but the real question is: are you #TeamJosh or #TeamCharles?

By Elisa Parry
If you’re not already watching Younger on Stan, you’ve got less than 24 hours to binge watch seasons one to three. Or you could catch up on our handy run down here.
For those of you who are DYING to find out how Liza’s (Sutton Foster) life is panning out now she has confessed to lying about her age to her BFF Kelsey (Hillary Duff), read on… but be prepared for some MASSIVE SPOILERS.
At the end of season three, Liza decided to spill the beans to Kelsey by revealing her true identity and age.
It doesn’t come as a huge surprise that Kelsey does NOT take the news well.
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She’s hurt, she’s angry, but most importantly, she’s willing to keep perpetuating Liza’s lie in order to save the reputation of Millennial Press – an imprint for young people run by young people (preferably not run by 40-year-old women lying about their age).
Despite Liza’s best efforts to mend their relationship, by looking out for Kelsey and calling her out on some questionable relationship and life choices, Kelsey is having none of it.
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A chance encounter with Liza’s ex-boyfriend Josh (Nico Tortorella), leads to Kelsey eventually moving in with him.
While nothing suss has happened YET, we are sensing some STRONG chemistry between them. Besides, having a fling with your housemate is practically a millennial rite of passage… We’re going to watch this space very closely.
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Meanwhile, Liza’s dream-boat boss Charles (Peter Hermann) is still as handsome and sophisticated as ever. And though they both try to deny it, there’s some serious flirting over their mutual love of Ernest Hemmingway because #literature.
It’s tough; we want to be #TeamJosh because throughout the previous three seasons he’s practically been straight out of the 101 manual on How To Be The Perfect Boyfriend. But now he’s a bit angsty and cut up over the break-up (understandable, but no-one likes a whinger) and now we’re not so sure if Liza and Josh are meant to be. Plus, Kelsey 100% has her eye on him – not that we blame her, but going there would be a clear breach of the Girl Code.
#TeamJosh or #TeamCharles is the hardest "Would you rather?" of all time...
Drama aside, it’s just delightful to have Younger back on our screens. Sure, it’s a little corny at times, it’s got a few flaws – like how no publishing assistant could EVER afford Liza’s wardrobe in a million years. But it has got heart. It has got a cast of strong yet relatable and realistically flawed female characters. And, most importantly, it has got a very decent side-serving of eye candy.
From what we’ve seen so far (that’s episodes one and two of season four), we’re giving Younger five stars.

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