You won’t believe how much Connie Johnson’s Big Heart Project has raised

“There is hope. We can do this!”

By TV Week team
Connie Johnson is one remarkable woman. Last month, Connie and her brother Samuel Johnson spearheaded Love Your Sister's Big Heart Project raising money and awareness for cancer research.
This morning on Today, host Karl Stefanovic caught up with Connie over a lunch date. Connie, a HUGE fan of Karl, was overwhelmed by the surprise visit, before settling in for a good catch up over lunch.
"At first I thought, you know, I had only six or 12 months to live," Connie said. "I've had all this extra time and I am grateful for it, especially with my kids. But what a lot of people don't see is that it's really hard to get out of bed in the morning."
The Big Heart Project was Connie's last public event, as her health continues to deteriorate her priority right now is spending time with her family, and her two boys, whom she is immensely proud of.
"I already know in my heart they'll grow up to be fine young men," she told Karl. "If what they show now is just a part, then I can already say that I'm proud of them."
Connie also spoke about her motivation for getting involved in the project and her passion to "kick cancer to the curb, Connie style".
"The first thing that went through my head was this can't happen to other families," she said.
Which is why the huge response to the Big Heart Project meant so much to Connie and filled her with hope for a cancer-free future.
"There is hope. We can do this!" Connie said.
Connie's brother, Gold Logie winner Samuel Johnson, crashed Connie and Karl's lunch date to share some exciting news about the Big Heart Project and the Love Your Sister journey.
Four years ago, Samuel rode around Australia on a unicycle to raise money for cancer research.
"I was pretty convinced when I left on the unicycle ride, that Connie wasn't going to be there when I got back," he said. "One million dollars seemed so far away and now, years later and just over six million in the bank. She's a bit of a machine, isn't she?"
So far, the funds raised from the Big Heart Project are at $2.5 million and counting. What an incredible achievement from Connie and the Love Your Sister team.
You can still donate here.

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