OPEN HOUSE: TV WEEK goes behind-the-scenes of Five Bedrooms

Step inside the home of Network 10's Five Bedrooms

By Tamara Cullen
In a quiet street in Malvern East, Melbourne, a gorgeous Victorian-fronted home waits to be purchased. Five bedrooms, two bathrooms, a spacious backyard and a wrap-around verandah; the $2.5 million house sells itself.
Auction day has arrived and everyone is feeling the pressure to come away with a new home – at a bargain price.
But for a group of five potential buyers, there's a much bigger reason to be nervous; they barely know each other. In fact, they met less than 24 hours earlier at a wedding.
That's the tricky and troubled scenario I stumbled upon while visiting the set of Network 10's new drama, Five Bedrooms.
Yep, it's just like being on TV (Image: Supplied).
Watching the scene unfold from the director's chair, it was hard not be consumed by the action.
Some of Australia's biggest stars – Stephen Peacocke, Kat Stewart, Hugh Sheridan and Doris Younane – milled about on set rehearsing their lines and going over their character's placement in the moment.
It was a heated scene between characters and indicated that trouble is looming for the fivesome...
In the director's chair, inside the home of the Five Bedrooms series (Image: Supplied).
"It's been a challenge for me to play Ben, because we are quite different," Stephen, 38, explains in between scenes. "He's carefree and wants to be in the thick of it all; I prefer to sit on the sidelines a bit."
For Offspring alum, Kat Stewart, getting the chance to work again with the acclaimed writers from the popular series was reason enough to join the show.
"I've been very lucky and I had such a great run with Offspring; it was so wonderful," she explains. "It's great to come back on TV with a show like this and a character that's so different to Billie Proudman."
Stephen and Kat are thrilled to be part of the new show (Image: Network 10).
From all walks of life and at vastly different stages, these strangers are looking for a fresh start.
But can the perfect home create perfect harmony? Not necessarily. If anything, it may create a little chaos.
Five Bedrooms premieres Wednesday, 8:40pm, on Network 10.

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