Home and Away's Tori proposes a wild idea to Robbo, but will he say yes?

Time to find out just how much one friendship handle...

By Tamara Cullen
Since deciding to have a baby on her own, Tori has been eager to get started with her IVF program. The problem, however, is she can't do it all by herself.
This week in Home And Away, the local doctor (Penny McNamee) decides to ask her friend Robbo (Jake Ryan) for a very big favour: to be her sperm donor.
At the pier apartment, Tori drops the bombshell on Robbo. Clearly stunned, he struggles for a response. A nervous Tori quickly explains her fertility issues and desire to become a mum.
"Robbo is completely shocked," Penny, 35, tells TV WEEK.
"He'd love to repay her one day for all the support she's shown him, but this is the last thing he was expecting."
So will Robbo say yes?
Tori bites the bullet and asks a mate for help.
While some might regard her proposal as coming out of the blue, it's been weighing on Tori's mind.
She even seeks advice from her brother Justin (James Stewart) prior to approaching Robbo.
However, to her surprise – and dismay – Justin is less than impressed by who she's selected to be the father of her child.
Yet Tori remains steadfast in her decision and waits anxiously for Robbo's answer.
"Robbo previously lost his two young children [Sophia and Lucas were killed in a car accident, along with his wife Lauren], so asking him to consider being a parent again is a big deal," Penny explains.
"Tori realises the gravity of what she's asking and doesn't make the decision lightly."
Justin believes his sister deserves better.
The next day, Robbo ponders her request and reflects on his past life with his own family. Is he really ready to be a dad again?
Meanwhile, Robbo is also battling feelings for Jasmine (Sam Frost). He wants to be with her – but Tori's request could ruin everything.
Yet Robbo can't help but feel an emotional pull towards fatherhood. He's also aware he owes his life to Tori.
Poor Robbo just can't escape the drama!
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