Family aways comes first for The Block host Scott Cam

Now that his kids are all grown up, The Block's Scott Cam vows to rekindle the flame with wife Ann.

By Tiffany Dunk, Kietley Isrin and Erin Miller
Family is and always will be what drives former tradie Scott Cam – no matter what opportunities come knocking at his door.
It’s the reason the TV WEEK Gold 
Logie Award winner keeps coming back to renovation show The Block year after year – because he loves making what he calls “good telly for families”.
As a devoted husband and father-of-
three, Scott says his priority never wavers.
He ensures his wife, Ann, and kids Charlie, 21, and 18-year-old twins Bill and Sarah are happy and healthy.
“We’re a very tight-knit family,” Scott, 54, reveals to TV WEEK.
“We always 
do family stuff together. We get up 
every Sunday and all go for a swim 
and have breakfast together.”
Scott with his wife of 25 years Ann at this year's TV WEEK Logie Awards.
But now the twins have completed high school, Scott says he can’t wait to spend more time with his wife 
of 25 years, Ann.
And he already has a few plans up his sleeve.
“Now that we don’t have 
any kids in school, we can 
go away on a few little 
trips,” he smiles.
With The Block about 
to wrap up on air and 
a new series already in production, there may be 
a little less free time than 
the couple would like.

However, Scott’s adamant they’ll make the most of the 
time they do get.
“That’s a change of life,” he says. “I’m looking forward to doing a few trips with Ann – without the kids.”
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