The Block's Scotty Cam reveals who is blowing the budget

There are some big spenders on The Block this season.

By Erin Miller
Every year host Scott Cam tells The Block teams to budget wisely, but they don’t always listen.
Already Melbourne couple Jason and Sarah has run in to financial struggles due to overspending.
They’ve also faced criticism they don’t do enough work early in the week during their build.
“Their time management and their financial management has left a lot to be desired,” Scott, 54, says.
The fact teams blow their budgets so early on baffles Scott.
“It’s insane,” he says. “Like we give them a lot of money and they get a lot of vouchers. You’ve got 12 rooms to renovate, divide it up and don’t spend anymore.”
Sarah admits their spending has already gotten away from them.
“You don’t really take in to account how much trades are costing you when you’re so busy and occupied with things and trying to get a design sorted,” she says.
“Initially we haven’t used enough of our sponsors for things and we’ve spent too much of our cash, plus our trades have been very expensive.”

However it seems like Scott’s concern that they need to stop spending isn’t really being heeded.
This week Sarah orders expensive wallpaper from overseas for their kid’s bedroom. Will the pricey purchase pay off and result in a room win though?

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