Sophie Monk breaks down in tears after backlash of sending home fan fave James Trethewie

“I can’t make everyone happy, I have to make me happy.”

By Jacqui King

Last night Sophie Monk sent home fan favourite James Trethewie on The Bachelorette and to be honest, we, along with the rest of the country, didn’t see it coming. He was sweet-hearted and kind, but apparently too serious for Sophie, as she defended on an Instagram pic last night.

Her caption read: “James is the perfect guy unfortunately I’m not the perfect person for him. He is organised, together and tidy. I’ve dated a guy like him before and I'd do his head in. He’ll find a better girl than me.”

Speaking with Kyle and Jackie O this morning, Sophie, who’s currently in Thailand, broke down in tears over the backlash she’s received for not giving him a rose.

“I’m sensitive and I want to keep everyone happy, and I know everyone says James is the perfect guy ... but he’s not the perfect guy for me,” she sobbed on the phone.

“It just hurts my feelings,” Sophie said. “It’s just horrible because I knew it — the chemistry wasn’t there ... I’ve dated that kind of guy before, I just know it wouldn’t work out with [James and I].”

The former Bardot singer went on to say that while she wants to make the country happy, she’s putting herself first.

WATCH: Sophie sends James home (story continues after video)

We'll miss you, Jimmy!
We'll miss you, Jimmy!

“I don’t see what you guys see — I only see the edit when you guys see it [during the episode],” explained Sophie. “I can’t choose everyone! I have to choose one person... I can’t make everyone happy, I have to make me happy.”

The singer added: “It just hurts my feelings — I feel bad for Australia.”

In a TV WEEK Facebook Live today, we asked the financial advisor how he felt about Sophie's emotional reaction to it.

“I haven’t seen it, I need to.”

“It was nice for me to know that it meant something to her too and it was real.”

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