Calling all 'Suits' fans: We have some potentially devastating news for you

There must be a legal loophole to stop this...right?!

By Zoë Holloway
Hit TV show Suits is about to wrap up its sixth season, but, in news that pretty much makes us want to weep in a corner, two of the main stars have revealed it could also be its last...
Sarah Rafferty and Rick Hoffman (aka Donna and Louis) just landed in Sydney to promote the series, and while speaking with OK! revealed not only who’s the most similar to their character (Meghan Markle, FYI) but also spilled that the show could be on its last series.
While this news may be panicking Suits fans (erm, YES IT IS), there’s no need to fret too much, as Donna and Louis also let slip a spin-off could be in the works. And that is something we have a lot of time for. Particularly if it involves their characters.
Sarah & Rick playing Donna & Louis on Suits
Mike’s secret is out, Jessica has gone… a lot of questions have been answered on the show, do you think Suits is winding down?
Rick: I feel like it’s in its third quarter. On its last leg, so one more quarter left to go. I think we’ve got a little more breath in us.
Sarah: I think that it depends on our audience. They are engaged with these people.
Do you think there will be a spin-off?
Sarah: Yes.
Rick: The fact that everyone keeps asking… sure, of course.
"We're a family"
Do you both hope Harvey and Donna end up together?
Sarah: I appreciate that Donna and Harvey have a very unique bond, and I appreciate that what they have together, they aren’t ready to deal with it. I think if she is in love with him, and I’m not saying that she is, she isn’t ready to admit that to herself. I’m really glad I don’t have to make that decision. Right now, what’s happening between them is really dynamic and that’s really gratifying to play. They are flawed and I like it when it’s flawed, and really real and complex.
Rick: I don’t want it done because it’s just wrapping it up in a bow and the writers will never do it that way anyway, but of course you would ultimately love to see them together, they are just great for each other.
Do you have much in common with your characters?
Sarah: I feel like I’m very different from my character because my life circumstances are very different from hers.
Rick: There’s a neurosis that I have just from being your typical Jewish kid from Long Island, and there’s that gene in Louis. I think that sometimes I jump the gun like he does, just not to his extreme. I get heartbroken when I read some of the particular shit that he pulls, it’s like “C’mon dude!” I’d like to say that I’m a lot more… where Louis says, “I’m cool”, I don’t think that I’m that cool, meaning I’m more grounded with who I am than Louis… he’s a cartoon character.
Meghan Markle, who plays Rachel on the show, is currently dating Prince Harry
Does the Suits gang hangout offset?
Sarah: Yes, all the time. We go to each other’s weddings, go on holidays together…
Rick: We are just like a family.
Sarah: We love each other, I feel like we are college friends. These are my brothers. Patrick just got back from his honeymoon and I saw him the other night and I was jumping out of my skin to get across the press line to see him.
Rick: There’s definitely an understanding with each other now after so long. We have a short-hand.
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