SeaChange's Brooke Satchwell and Darren McMullen's on and off-screen chemistry is sizzling

The couple's chemistry has everyone talking.

They sent hearts racing during their first scenes on the SeaChange reboot, and now it seems stars Brooke Satchwell and Darren McMullen's sizzling chemistry is rocking offscreen, too.
The duo appeared on Today to promote the Nine drama, but it was their body language that was doing all the talking!
The pair giggled and finished each other's sentences during the interview, sending viewers' tongues wagging – believing their love story could extend well outside the fictional shores of Pearl Bay.
Both Darren, 37, and 38-year-old Brooke ended their long-term relationships while filming the show earlier this year.
Both Darren and Brooke ended their long-term relationships while filming the show earlier this year. (Image: Channel Nine)
Darren had been dating American Teen Wolf actress Crystal Reed since 2013 but broke it off earlier this year after struggling with their long-distance arrangement.
Former Neighbours star Brooke and film editor fiance David Gross called it quits after almost seven years, and sold their Sydney home for $1.65 million in May.
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Speaking of his long-distance relationship with his now ex, Darren revealed that they were often separated by work.
"When that happens we talk six times a day, but she'd prefer 10 or 15 times. She likes to Skype, which gets a little frustrating - the best way for me to handle the distance is to switch off a little."
"We support one another with our work schedules and we try not to spend more than two weeks apart," he said.
Darren and his ex Crystal Reed were often separated by work. (Image: Getty Images)
Darren McMullen, who stars as handsome marine biologist Findlay Knox, made a smoking hot entrance in the first episode of the reboot.
His first meeting with Brooke Satchwell's character Miranda, (the estranged daughter of Sigrid Thornton's Laura Gibson) showed him emerging from the ocean, his ripped body on display.
"I think my kayak sprung a leak out there," he quipped, adding "Hiya, I'm Findlay Knox" as Miranda looked on confused.
This couple is the one to watch!
Darren's SeaChange entrance was certainly sizzling! (Image: Channel Nine)

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