Rebecca Gibney just shared your first look at Wanted's third season

It's happening!

Filming is officially underway on Wanted's highly-anticipated third season. The cast and crew assembled in South Australia on Monday, to begin production on the next instalment of the crime drama.
Rebecca Gibney and Geraldine Hakewill are returning as Lola Buckley and Chelsea Babbage, two complete strangers who have been thrown in to a life 'on the run' after they intervened in a fatal carjacking.
Lola (left, played by Rebecca) and Chelsea (Geraldine) are on the run...
Rebecca, 53, just shared the first glimpse in to Season 3, posting a photo of the set on Instagram.
"I love a sunburnt country…" she wrote in the caption.

Rebecca and Geraldine also starred alongside Home and Away favourite Stephen Peacocke (Detective Josh Levine) in the first two seasons, though it's unclear if he'll be returning for the third.
Earlier this year we asked the actor if he would be keen to reprise his role.
"I'll definitely do it –unless they get Harrison Ford to step in for me," he says.
Rebecca adds that Stephen is "very open to coming back for season three."
Other potential returning cast members include Anthony Phelan (Morrison), Nicholas Bell (Ray Stanton) and Charles Cottier (David Buckley).
Stephen Peacocke says he'd love to return for the third season of Wanted.
Whether or not Steve returns, the third season of Wanted promises to deliver exciting twists and turns.
"In 2018, Lola Buckley and Chelsea Babbage return home in pursuit of their own brand of justice and freedom when they are forced to cross a line that means this time, there is no going back," Channel Seven reveals of the show's new season.
"In a bold new adventure, the International Emmy-nominated series sees Lola and Chelsea embark on a breathtaking journey through the burning red centre of Australia. Wanted 3 is a story about identity that proves we can only truly live when we embrace who we were born to be. So the world thinks they're bad? They ain't seen nothing yet…"
Gold Logie winner Rebecca returns to Wanted for a third 'breathtaking' season.
The unique plot and incredible star-power of Wanted led to a cult following around the globe, with the series scoring a nomination for an International Emmy Award in 2017. While it airs on Channel 7 in Australia, it's also available on Netflix in countries around the globe.
Season 1 and 2 of Wanted are currently available to stream on Netflix, after originally airing on Channel Seven. The third season is due to air on 7 later this year.

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