Lola is back! Rebecca Gibney teases Wanted season 3

The actress has given us a glimpse at the crime drama's third season.

By Jacqui King
It was confirmed in October that Rebecca Gibney’s Aussie crime drama Wanted is returning for a third season in 2018 and the show’s star has given us a little tease of what's to come.
Sharing a pic on Instagram that showed her character, Lola, being arrested, Rebecca wrote: “What’s going to happen to Chelsea and Lola?” She also wrote a cryptic hashtag: #maynotbewhatyoureexpecting
What does it mean?!?

Wanted follows Lola and Geraldine Hakewill’s character Chelsea, both prime suspects for murder, as they try to outrun the police. Rebecca, 52, worked alongside Home And Away’s Stephen Peacocke, who plays Detective Josh Levine, for the show’s two seasons. The series was even nominated for an International Emmy Award last month for Best Drama but unfortunately didn’t win.
“In 2018, Lola Buckley and Chelsea Babbage return home in pursuit of their own brand of justice and freedom when they are forced to cross a line that means this time, there is no going back,” Channel Seven revealed about the show’s new season.
“In a bold new adventure, the International Emmy-nominated series sees Lola and Chelsea embark on a breathtaking journey through the burning red centre of Australia. Wanted 3 is a story about identity that proves we can only truly live when we embrace who we were born to be. So the world thinks they’re bad? They ain’t seen nothing yet…”
Rebecca Gibney as Lola and Geraldine as Chelsea.
Stephen as Detective Levine.
So will our favourite Home And Away babe, Stephen, return as well?
The cast hasn’t been revealed but Rebecca said earlier in the year that Stephen would be keen. “He's very open to coming back for season three, if we want to,” she previously said.
Stephen was full of praise for his co-star and the show, saying, “There’s a good reason she has a huge following. She’s pulled off something pretty extraordinary with that show.”
Stephen also confirmed to TV WEEK early this year that he’d be back if a third season of the series was to go ahead.
“I’ll definitely do it –unless they get Harrison Ford to step in for me.”

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