Who are Jack Gooch and Zoe Featonby? All the questions we have after last night's Ninja Warrior Australia

Things are really heating up on the set of Ninja Warrior!

By Holly Royce
Ninja Warrior Australia is in its final two weeks, and excitement is reaching absolute fever pitch.
Last night's second semi-final episode had us all on the edge of our seats, with Georgia Bonora making it all the way to the Spinball Wizard before falling into the pool. Then there was Rob Patterson, who finished this wildly difficult obstacle course in just 3 minutes and 41 seconds - an entire minute faster than any other Ninja that night!
Still have questions? Here's what everyone wanted to know after last night's episode of Ninja Warrior.

Who is Jack Gooch?

Every Ninja has a backstory, and 25-year-old Jack Gooch is no different.
Speaking to the Midland Reporter, the Western Australian personal trainer revealed that suffering a heart attack as a teenager and surviving a car crash just months later made him realise he needed to change his life.
"Doctors diagnosed an anomalous coronary artery, which is basically a defect in my artery I was born with, but they weren't able to say whether I could have another heart attack," he told the publication of his pre-accident diagnosis.
"So I decided I wanted to be as fit and healthy as possible to reduce the likelihood of it ever happening again."

Jack then became a personal trainer, explaining that from that moment, attempting the Ninja Warrior obstacle course became his dream.
"I trained for six months solid before the show clocking up hours of the hardest exercises I could think of."
And he is certainly making this most of this amazing opportunity. In last night's episode, after not making to the buzzer during his first heat, the PT danced with joy after hitting the buzzer in the semi-final run.
We'll definitely be seeing Jack in the upcoming finals!

Who is Zoe Featonby?

While she didn't compete last night, everyone still wants to know more about Ninja Zoe Featonby AKA the Titanium Woman.
Why? Well, last year, the full-time occupational therapist and national pole dancing champion came 19th in her heat and quickly became an advocate for people living with scoliosis after revealing she has lived with the disorder since she was 14.
Zoe quickly earned herself the nickname thanks to the titanium rod and five screws she had inserted into her spine following major surgery when she was just 16.
Sadly, Zoe didn't make it past the semi-finals this year but hey - there is always next year!

Australian Ninja Warrior airs Monday and Tuesday, 7:30pm, and Sunday, 7pm, on the Nine Network.