Tradie Sam Goodall has never been more prepared for Australian Ninja Warrior

'I've built the toughest obstacle on the planet'

Super-fit Aussie tradie Sam Goodall is back. And this time, he's not taking any chances on the Australian Ninja Warrior course.
The 30-year-old, who made it all the way to the Grand Final last year, is aiming for a second chance at glory.
So much so, Sam has built a full-scale course in his own backyard! The structure, which he reveals is actually about one metre taller than the one on the show, cost $7000 to create.
"Every returning Ninja is a serious threat, but the course is the main enemy," the West Australian tells TV WEEK.
"So I've built the toughest obstacle on the planet – Mount Midoriyama – to make sure I'm ready for the brutal punishment that awaits."
The final leg of the Australian Ninja Warrior course sees contestants scale Mount Midoriyama. They have 30 seconds to climb a rope to the top, and press the buzzer to be crowned the winner.

The course isn't the only challenge Sam will face in the race for the $200,000 prize money.
In the lead-up to ANW, Sam contracted Ross River virus.
He suffers fatigue and pain.
"It cripples me and makes training nearly impossible," he says of disease, which is spread by an infected mosquito. "It's going to be a real problem on the course this year."
However, Sam isn't one to back down easily and vows to "push through" to the end.
Sam competes in Australian Ninja Warrior.
The Ninja Tradie isn't the only fan-favourite to return.
Olivia Vivian and Ben Polson, who both competed in season one and have since begun dating, have returned.
Olivia became the first female ninja ever to back-flip up the Warped Wall during Sunday night's premiere episode.

If Olivia's groundbreaking flip is anything to go buy, this season of Australian Ninja Warrior is set to be one epic ride.

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