EXCLUSIVE: We’re having a Ninja Warrior baby!

‘Our baby might even be climbing before he’s walking!’ Fitness fanatics Andrea and Lee can’t wait to become parents.

Forget the Warped Wall – Woman's Day can exclusively reveal Ninja Warrior favourites Andrea Hah and husband Lee Cossey will face their biggest challenge yet when they welcome their first child, a boy, in November!
The happy couple – who are part of a group called the Blue Mountains Rock Climbers alongside Lee's brother Ben – found out they were expecting just a few months after filming wrapped for the second season of Australian Ninja Warrior.
And they couldn't be happier.
"It's been on the cards for a few years," physiotherapist Lee, 36, excitedly tells us.
While Andrea and Lee – who wed in March – share a mutual love for exercise and nature, they're on slightly different pages when it comes to their parenting approach!
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The couple are preparing to climb a new mountain: parenthood!
Andrea, 32, thinks she'll be laying down the law because of her "strict" Chinese upbringing, while Lee is the more "relaxed" of the duo.
For now, though, the couple is focusing on Andrea's pregnancy. Despite becoming the first woman in Australia to climb the infamous Warped Wall – it took six seasons for a woman in the US to achieve the same feat – Andrea admits she didn't expect to feel as "tired and nauseous" as she has been during her pregnancy.
However, it hasn't put her off her favourite sport, rock climbing.
"I normally like to push my limits, but I've toned it down a bit," laughs the superfit star.
When she's not scaling huge heights, Andrea, who's five months pregnant, also likes to go on bushwalks in NSW's Blue Mountains, where she and Lee live, to stay fit and active.
"He might even be climbing before he's walking!"
It's unsurprising, then, that the pair hope their love of nature will be inherited by their little Ninja!
"We have a lot of fun outdoors and if that's what we expose him to, it's not hard to imagine he'll enjoy it, too," says Lee.
"He might even be climbing before he's walking!"
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