In yet another wild turn of events, Neighbours now has a new theme song

That's when good Neighbours become... familiar with a brand new tune.

By Jess Pullar
While things might feel a little turbulent at present, at least we'll always have our favourite Aussie soaps like Neighbours that will never change... well, almost.
In what seems to be the umpteenth dramatic change in our lives over the past week, you might notice something a little different about the soap when you tune in this evening.
Yep, the theme song has a slightly different ring to it.
The familiar sound of Neighbours starting on-screen might sound a little different from tonight... (Network Ten)
In an official statement, Network Ten has revealed that Ramsay Street resident and singer Bonnie Anderson has recorded the brand new theme tune with her own spin on it.
This certainly isn't the first time the song has had a little revamp.
First recorded in by Barry Crocker 35 years ago, the song was most recently tweaked by Melbourne producer Dariush Etemad who made a Mardi Gras remix in 2019.
But Bonnie, who plays Bea Nillson and joined the cast in 2018, is keen to make her legacy well-known on the iconic Aussie soap.

In theofficial statement, the actress said: "It was an honour to be asked to do this, honestly I got quite emotional. I get a bit nervous singing this song because it's been around for 35 years."
She continued: "I know there are so many fans out there, so I hope to do you proud and that my version grows on you. I am very grateful for this opportunity."
Hear the brand new theme song in all it's glory below:
While the world goes into self-isolation during the COVID-19 health crisis, shows like Neighbours are a happy constant in our daily routines.
Future filming opportunities for the show are in question at the moment with production of the show in shutdown due to coronavirus. Other iconic Aussie shows like Home and Away and Wentworth have also stopped filming for now.
That said, the sooner everyone hunkers down and follows official advice from the World Health Organisation and the Government, the sooner the crisis will be over - and luckily, we've got plenty of Neighbours episodes in its 35-year run to crack on with in the meantime.

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