EXCLUSIVE: Bridie Carter and Lisa Chappell want a McLeod's Daughters reunion

The stars say it's time to bring back the much loved show.

By Woman's Day team
McLeod's Daughters stars Bridie Carter and Lisa Chappell share their special memories of working on the show that warmed our hearts and still has legions of fans today.
Why do you think McLeod's Daughters fan fever is still so strong 10 years after the show ended?
Bridie: It's remarkable isn't it! I think this show speaks to the human spirit – it's really bigger than all of us. It's full of hope. It explores the human condition, survival and love, so no matter how old you are, no matter what you do or where you come from, McLeod's Daughters transcends all those differences.
Lisa: It seems to have lodged itself into people's hearts and not all shows do that. That's why it gets handed down like a family heirloom. You know, the DVD sets are passed on through generations and that's so special to be a part of.
You've both been repeatedly asked if you would take part in a reboot, but do you feel the show needs it? Is there more to give to the plot lines and characters?
Bridie: Well I guess it's up to Nine! The show does seem to have a life of its own…I don't know what the future holds – I truly believe if it's meant to be, it will be.
Lisa: I really do hope it happens – and that's not to say I know something is happening – but from a purely human point of view of wanting to put good into the world, it seems to have achieved that. It would be nice.
Tess (Bridie) and Claire (Lisa) would love a reboot! Image: Lawrence Furzey/ Bauer Syndication
What was your favourite moment when you were starring on the show?
Bridie: McLeod's was unique because it wasn't only plot-driven but character-driven. We were put in extreme physical situations with great stunts involved, but the emotional stakes were always equally as high. As an actor, that's just the biggest gift you can be given in terms of performance and practice in your craft. One that does stick out is the wheat silo scene. There was a trap door for me underneath, I could have really gotten stuck, the stakes were so high and everyone just excelled in that moment. So it's those scenes that make me go I'm so lucky to be on this show.
Lisa: I always loved it when we were out mustering the animals. I remember one morning we were down in one of the lower paddocks and it was just Bridie and I and it was just so relaxing. I remember the sun coming up and I distinctly remember feeling blissful. We just looked at each other and she was experiencing the same thing. I'm getting teary thinking about it! We were both just like, "Can you believe we're doing this?" It was so special and just a simple thing.
The actresses are thrilled to be teaming up again for the show's reunion event. Image: Channel Nine
What can fans expect from the upcoming reunion event
Bridie: An amazing, rich, challenging, dynamic, all-day McLeod's Daughters experience with us! We want to encourage people to come along – we'll have food, drinks, tea and coffee, we've got merchandise and we want to give back to them essentially. I want to give them the opportunity to have best day they can ever have with us all day long!
Lisa: I really love hearing the fans' stories about how [the series] affected them because it's something you don't really get to hear much about…the thoughts of your audience. It's that sharing element about the show as well, which is rewarding and fun. We're all excited to be in a theatre with fans and just can't wait to share the love!
McLeod's Daughters Bush Christmas Reunion will be held in Lismore, NSW, Thursday December 5, 2019. Image: Supplied

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