EXCLUSIVE: The Bachelorette's Luke reveals just how tense it's getting in the mansion

If you thought the drama between the boys had reached fever pitch, think again...

By NW team
There’s no doubt The Bachelorette Australia front-runner Luke McLeod would be on cloud nine after his sumo-surfing single date and a quick round of tonsil hockey with Sophie Monk.
But we reckon that giddy feeling disappeared quick smart when the NSW hottie returned to the mansion, given how damn tense it’s been in there.
ICYMI, there’s been some hectic drama between the boys since night one.
From Blake calling Jarrod a "piece of s---" for stealing his ugg boot gag, to Sam and Jarrod’s ongoing bitch-fest over the best way to win Sophie’s attention – and heart of course! – there’s some serious strain in the house.
Yep, sumo surfing is actually a thing!
“I think they’re both very different personalities,” Luke tells us exclusively of Sam and Jarrod in particular.
“Sam’s quite the joker and Jarrod is quite serious naturally those types of personalities are going to clash.”
But it turns out the beef we’ve seen so far isn’t even the worst of it, with Luke hinting that things are only going to get worse!
“It probably wouldn’t surprise me if there are another couple [more] times where things get a little tense,” he says.
Thankfully though, the business culture consultant, 33, has appointed himself mansion mediator.
“If things get a bit tense I might tend to be like alright guys lets chill a bit,” he adds.
Although, he refuses to take sides!
“They are all really good blokes,” he tells us.
“A lot of different characters and that’s what makes this experience so amazing. I’ve got a lot of time for all of them.”
Looks like the guys have some competition in Luke!
But you better believe that when it comes to being Sophie’s number-one man, Luke isn’t letting his bromances get in the way.
“If I start thinking about [her connection with the other guys] then that can play in [my] mind a bit,” he says.
“All I’m focused on is being me and being natural with Sophie and focusing on that relationship and not trying to think too much about what the other guys are doing with her.”
Sounds like a good game plan to us, mate!

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