EXCLUSIVE: Keira Maguire's fear over Jarrod Woodgate and Sophie Monk getting back together

Things are about to get very prickly indeed.

By NW team
They've been inseparable since finding love on Bachelor in Paradise in December, but Keira Maguire is freaking out that boyfriend Jarrod Woodgate will take his pot plant back to single Sophie Monk.
"Keira's absolutely terrified he's going to leave her and go running back to Sophie now she's available again," an insider told NW, following the news that she and Stu Laundy called it quits.
The pair are smitten...
But will his love for Soph prove to be an issue?
"They've barely spent a minute apart since flying home from filming BIP and even talked about getting married one day."
"But Keira's scared it's all going to come crashing down now."
"Jarrod thought he'd never get over Sophie until he met Keira, but deep down he still has a soft spot for Soph – he loved her so much, which Keira has always known."
If you cast your mind back to October, the stage-five clinger was still attempting to seduce The Bachelorette - months after filming had wrapped and weeks before meeting Keira.
After Jarrod checked into a hotel room across the hall from a-then loved up Sophie and Stu Laundy, the couple revealed, "He texted at one point and said, 'I can hear you.'"
However, Sophie and Jarrod managed to remain friends following the awkward encounter.
"There was no bad blood between them and they still class each other as mates," our insider added.
"Keira wouldn't be surprised if they're already in contact again."

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