Jessica Biel finally confirms if she'll appear in 'The Sinner' Season 2

Is Cora Tannetti returning to our screens?

By Tina Burke
The highly-anticipated second season of The Sinner is set to focus on Detective Harry Ambrose (Bill Pullman) as he solves a new 'whydunnit' case.
Though we knew the detective will be solving another crime, fans had been left wondering if Jessica Biel's Cora Tannetti would somehow feature in the next instalment.
Now, Jessica has confirmed her character won't be returning for Season 2.
"We did talk a lot about does Cora come back for Season 2 and what is the relationship because that's what was interesting to me," the actress tells Variety.
"What happens when a woman goes through that? What is life like after that when the only person really in her life that she can connect with, even besides her husband, is the detective who got her out of this thing? But we just couldn't do it this particular season."
The actress will continue to serve as series producer on the second season, which promises to be every bit as intriguing and dark as the first.
Cora Tannetti won't return in Season 2.
The Sinner's second season will follow Ambrose as he works on a horrifying new case in rural New York, where an 11-year-old boy has murdered his parents, seemingly without a motive.
As Ambrose attempts to solve the case, he'll uncover there is nothing ordinary about the young boy or where he came from in an isolated commune. The Leftovers actress Connie Coon will star as Vera, the de facto leader of the mysterious commune that will play a critical role in the season.
Of the plot, Bill tells Variety that Season 2 is very 'layered.'
"This terrible incident has happened where a child has been discovered in a hotel room, parents are dead, the child admits to having killed them," he says.
"The shock of that, the trauma of that, begins to ripen through the whole community. You realise the layers and layers of dissembling and protectiveness and everything.
"So this is, and Ambrose is trying to stay on the rails for a little bit. He's gone through this experience with her [Cora Tannetti] and he's cleaned up his act a little bit. Trying hard."
Amrbose moves on from Cora's case in the new season of The Sinner.
Former Alex, Inc. star Elisha Henig has been cast in the lead role as Julian, starring opposite Bill as the young murderer.
Henig's Julian has been described as a 'bright but peculiar young boy on the brink of adolescence who is from a sheltered, unconventional background and is now thrust into the outside world.'

Season 2 of The Sinner is already under production, and is set to air on Netflix in August.

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