The Bachelorette: Jarrod speaks out about being called a stage-five clinger

“The way they’ve portrayed me, they’ve just focused on what people will hate.”

He’s been criticised for his take-no-prisoners pursuit of Sophie Monk on The Bachelorette Australia.
But Jarrod claims it’s nothing but clever editing by producers.
“The way they’ve portrayed me, they’ve just focused on what people will hate,” the 31-year-old tells TV WEEK.
“They’ve made me look 
a lot more extreme than I actually am, which is why people are calling me a stage-five clinger or a creep.”
While many viewers have been quick to comment on Jarrod’s behaviour, the vineyard manager claims he was goaded by producers.
“I’ve been told to grab Sophie’s attention whenever possible,” Jarrod explains. “The more of an effort you make, the more likely you’ll stay on [the show].
“It’s the complete opposite of who I actually am.”
Jarrod maintains that producers have encouraged him to stay close to Sophie.
Jarrod isn’t the only one unhappy with how he’s coming across on screen.
“My mum’s not happy with the way I’ve been shown, but I’ve said to her and my sister that they can’t change anything now,” he says.
“My sister would love to jump on Instagram and say a few things to the haters, 
but I’ve told her to leave it.”

Jarrod is also adjusting to life in the spotlight, saying he’s been hounded by paparazzi.
“I’ve been followed constantly and I’m just trying to lead a normal life,” he says.
Recent photos showed the former military man holding a packet of cigarettes.
“I quit [smoking] going into the show,” Jarrod reveals. 
“But coming back and catching up with mates, the habit has picked up again.”

But we all know where there’s smoke, there’s fire.
“If you’re with a girl who smokes, then you tend to 
as well,” he adds.
Given Sophie is a smoker, could this be a hint about 
his success on the show?

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