Jane Hall is open to a Ramsay Street comeback: "I'd love to return to Neighbours"

“I think Rebecca could return for sure, spice things up!”

By TV Week team
Five years has passed since Jane Hall last reprised her role as Rebecca Robinson on Neighbours − and it seems the time could be ripe for her character's next return.
"Rebecca returning to Neighbours is constantly on my mind," Jane, 48, tells TV WEEK. "I adored my time on the show, it was so much fun."
Jane was part of the cast for four years between 2007 and 2011, before returning for a four-week stint in 2014.
"It's an amazing production and I think Rebecca could return for sure, spice things up!" she says.
Jane as Rebecca Robinson on Neighbours (Image: Network 10)
Meanwhile, Jane is keeping herself busy as one of the five hosts of new ABC lifestyle program Escape From The City.
"It's been so eye-opening to see all these different types of people – newlyweds, empty nesters, young families – moving out and finding a new lease on life," Jane says.
The program is an adaptation of a long-running British show, Escape To The Country, which first aired in the UK in 2002.
The cast of Escape From The City: Hosts Jane, Simon Marnie, Del Irani, Bryce Holdaway and Dean Ipaviz (ImageL ABC).
While viewers' response to the Aussie series has been positive, Jane did call out one critic on social media.
"They called us 'shouty and touchy-feely,'" she says.
"I've copped plenty of criticism before. Sometimes you roll with it, but if it feels personal, sometimes you have your say. This time, I did just that!"
Escape From The City airs Thursday, 8pm, on ABC.

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