Home and Away's love triangle: Ziggy doesn't like what she's seeing

Ziggy isn't happy about this...

By Tamara Cullen
Simone and Brody continue to grow closer this week, with a suspicious Ziggy keeping a close eye on them. But one mistake could cost him his marriage.
In an effort to expose Brody's (Jackson Heywood) flirtatious new chef, Simone (Emily Eskell), the mechanic spends all her free time at Salt.
"Simone's presence puts a different sort of chemical into the mix and things are beginning to change between the three of them," Emily, 28, says.
Ziggy walks in on a close moment.
Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) quizzes Simone as to her plans as a chef and offers up some of Brody's contacts in the city.
But as she goes to find her husband's phone, she notices another phone on the bench.
It's Simone's and, to her horror, the screensaver is a photo of Brody and Simone together!
Ziggy finally believes she has all the proof she needs and angrily confronts Simone.
But worse is to come when Brody chooses to defend Simone – and kicks his wife out of Salt!
"He wants to deal with the situation, but is starting to get confused about how he feels," Jackson, 30, hints.
Ziggy isn't happy about the screensaver Simone has on her phone.
Given the events in recent weeks, Ziggy can't be blamed for thinking the worse.
After walking in on Brody letting Simone try on his chef white's in the couple's bedroom, Ziggy understandably couldn't help but jump to conclusions.
Worse still, she doesn't yet know that the pair were left stranded and locked in Salt's pantry together.
It's only a matter of time before the truth all comes out, most likely leaving Brody in an awkward position.
Looks like this feud is only just beginning…
Home and Away airs Monday to Thursday at 7pm on Channel Seven.

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