ABC drama Harrow returns for season two! Here's what's in store for the premiere...

A recovering Harrow tries to solve his own case

Harrow is set to return for its highly-anticipated second season in just a few days, with the premiere airing Sunday night on ABC. Take a peek at what's in store for the series return...
Forensic pathologist Daniel Harrow tries to find his attempted murderer while still protecting his daughter in the season two premiere of Harrow.
When we last saw Harrow (Ioan Gruffudd), the brilliant doctor was enjoying a glass of wine on the deck of his houseboat. Suddenly, he's struck by a bullet.
Now, after coming out of an induced coma, Harrow is surrounded by flowers and gifts in his hospital room, including a curious bouquet of dead Lincoln roses that arrived without a card. Intriguing…
Wanting some company, Harrow reaches out to his ex, Stephanie (Anna Lisa Phillips).
She declines the offer to visit, but tells him that their daughter Fern (Ella Newton) has revealed to her everything that led up to him killing her second husband Robert, and how Robert had been abusing Fern.
"Harrow's a completely different man to who he was before; he's vulnerable and doesn't quite understand what's happening anymore," Ioan, 45, tells TV WEEK.
"Harrow has never questioned his mortality until now" (Image: ABC).
Knowing his mentor is feeling a bit confined, Simon (Remy Hii) rescues Harrow and takes him back home. Restless, he heads to the nearest bar and orders a drink.
After catching the eye of a mysterious woman, flirting leads back to his place. But come morning, the cosy pair, who have enjoyed their relatively anonymous liaison, are shocked to realise they're headed to the same place for work.
Even worse – Harrow's boss Maxine (Robyn Malcolm) introduces her as Dr Grace Mo (Jolene Anderson), the newest forensic pathologist for the Queensland Institute of Forensic Medicine.
"Grace is still in training for six months and finds herself alongside Harrow," Jolene, 38, says of her character. "She's quite gifted and ready to mark her territory."
Despite her intelligence, Harrow is eager to see how Grace fares on her first day. But Maxine blocks him from assisting her on any cases until he undergoes a mandatory psychological exam. Given he's having flashbacks to the shooting, Harrow fears it's a test he may not pass.
"The shooting has knocked him for six," Ioan says. "He never questioned his mortality until now."
Simon looks out for Harrow as he adjusts to his return (Image: ABC).
In a surprise move, DS Nichols (Damien Garvey) gives Harrow advice on just what to say to pass the psych test – and it works.
In addition, Nichols invites Harrow to observe their questioning of a suspect in his shooting. It seems an open-and-shut case. But that night, a phone call rattles him.
What's going on?
Harrow airs Sunday, 8.40pm, on ABC.

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