Calling all Dr Blake fans! The show has a new home at Seven

Dr Lucien Blake lives on!

By Jacqui King
Seven have today confirmed that The Doctor Blake Mysteries will have a new home at the network.
The Aussie crime drama, which stars Craig McLachlan as Dr Lucien Blake, was unexpectedly dropped from ABC six months ago. It’s currently in its fifth season and will end with a movie-length finale on November 12.
Announced at Seven's Upfronts event today, the show will pick up two years after the events of the upcoming telemovie.
"It’s 1963 and Australia sits on the cusp of a brave new world… a world awash with murder, mystery and mayhem," the press release reads.
"JFK has just been assassinated and the universe may never be the same again. Blake and Jean face greater challenges than they could ever have imagined. Haunted houses, flying saucers, deadly dentists, long lost daughters and much, much more. They’re challenges the two of them will face together. Buckle up - it’s going to be a hell of ride."
In September, Craig was optimistic about the show’s future when speaking to TV WEEK.
The actor, who is also an associate producer on the drama series, hinted: “Let me say, we all know Lucien is good at solving 
a mystery – he may well have solved this one.”
Craig and co-star Nadine will be returning to their roles
“We’re all up for it – the audience is certainly up for 
it. And I’ve had contact with folks from around the world 
in positions of power who are also up for it,” he revealed.
Craig was shocked by ABC’s axing of the show. He said: “The Doctor Blake Mysteries has been the highest-rating drama for four years – and who knows, maybe in a moment, five,” he says.
“Nothing rates like Blake.
“If Doctor Blake had been on the decline, I would’ve been the first one to put my hand up and go, ‘Hey, you know what, we’ve had a pretty good run. Let’s go out while we can still hold our heads up high.’
What grisly crimes will feature in the new series?
“It made no sense to me. But my big disappointment was for the audience, who are so loyal.”
“I just think there are still stories to tell,” Craig adds.

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