The Doctor Blake Mysteries: is this really the end?

Craig McLachlan is dropping hints that the series could have a new home.

By TV Week team
He can't come out and say it just yet.
But Craig McLachlan is sounding very optimistic that The Doctor Blake Mysteries will continue, despite the ABC axing the show."Let me say, we all know Lucien is good at solving 
a mystery – he may well have solved this one," Craig hints.
The actor, who is also an associate producer on the drama series, was speaking to TV WEEK from the set of the upcoming Doctor Blake telemovie.
"We're all up for it – the audience is certainly up for 
it. And I've had contact with folks from around the world 
in positions of power who are also up for it," he reveals.
"I can't say anything more 
at the moment other than, 
'Keep the faith, folks,' as Jon 
Bon Jovi famously sang."
Craig still sounds stunned 
at the ABC's decision to axe 
the popular series.
"The Doctor Blake Mysteries has been the highest-rating drama for four years – and who knows, maybe in a moment, five," he says. "Nothing rates like Blake.
"If Doctor Blake had been on the decline, I would've been the first one to put my hand up and go, 'Hey, you know what, we've had a pretty good run. Let's go out while we can still hold our heads up high.'
"It made no sense to me. But my big disappointment was for the audience, who are so loyal."

He believes Doctor Blake could continue for years to come.
"I just think there are still stories to tell," Craig adds.
"Clearly, the characters resonate with a huge audience. We sell 
in 140 countries and growing. And it does similar business in its timeslots around the world.
"So whether it's on Netflix 
in New York, kicking arse, or whether it's winning its timeslot for BBC One, there's a lot of life in the old dog yet."
Season 5 begins Sunday, 8.30pm on ABC

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