Dannii Minogue and Nick Cummins’ team up as new hosts on Ultimate Beastmaster

Watch contestants enter the belly of 'The Beast'

By Cynthia Wang
Australia and the UK finally join the worldwide party for the third season of Ultimate Beastmaster – the obstacle-course reality show – with two familiar faces calling the action.
Dance Boss host Dannii Minogue and The Bachelor Australia star Nick "Honey Badger" Cummins will cheer on the home team. They'll join more than 100 athletes from Brazil, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, South Korea and the US.
Watch them enter the belly of "The Beast", a multi-segmented challenge with organ-themed obstacles with names like the "mother tongue", "the digestive track" and "the vertibrace".
Nick and Dannii will be calling for Australia.
But, unlike Ninja Warrior and Spartan, Dannii and Nick won't be confined to their booths. When the mood hits, they can visit any of the other commentators for a chat.
Likewise, people such as former NFL star Tiki Barber, calling for the US, can drop in on Dannii and Nick (and learn a new phrase or two).
Teams from around the world will compete against each other.
The diverse range of commentator personalities will add an extra touch of colour to the series, with the international line up including not only sports journalists, but also singers, actresses and comedians.
In a fresh twist, the 183-metre-long, 15-metre-high construction can break into separate parts, allowing contestants to run the course in a different order each episode.
It's a measure that will cut down on viewer fatigue.
But no matter how the creature is conquered, fans will rejoice when an athlete makes it all the way through The Beast.
Commentators will be allowed to mingle with other countries.
They'll also marvel when they think how many hours of training has gone into being able to leap across "energy coils" without falling into "the blood" (er, water).
The last athlete standing at the end of each episode will be named a Beastmaster. And in the grand final, the nine Beastmasters will vie for the chance to be the Ultimate Beastmaster.
Good luck, Aussies!
Ultimate Beastmaster airs on Netflix from August 31st.

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