Home and Away: Colby's future as a cop on the line in this week's Summer Bay scandal

'It's traumatic for Colby.'

Colby's River Boy past is exposed this week. And with Summer Bay seething over his history with the notorious gang, the cop is suspended from the police force. Is his career in tatters?
In shocking episodes of Home And Away, someone leaks Colby's (Tim Franklin) history as a River Boy to the local newspaper.
And you can take one guess who is behind it: the ever-cunning Ebony (Cariba Heine).
"She's playing games with Colby," Tim, 27, tells TV WEEK.
Last week, Ebony eavesdropped on Jasmine (Sam Frost) telling Leah (Ada Nicodemou) that Colby had dumped her after she told Leah about Colby and the River Boys.
"Colby was furious that Jasmine spilled his secret to Leah," Sam, 29, says. "To be fair, Jas had no idea it was such a big deal!"
Armed with the ammunition she needs, Ebony this week goes straight to the media. The news causes the scandal she was hoping for.
The policeman's shady past is exposed.
Alf (Ray Meagher) and John (Shane Withington) are to learn that their local officer was once a gang member.
"It's traumatic for Colby when this gets out," Tim explains. "I think he's feeling vulnerable and exposed."
Colby's boss, Sergeant McCarthy (Nicholas Cassim), tells him his links to the gang is a matter for the Police Integrity Commission. He warns that his career could be in jeopardy.
A furious Colby wants to know who's behind the leak.
"It's a secret he's kept under wraps," Tim says. "He's frustrated that it's out."
Jasmine gets the blame for the leak.
Robbo (Jake Ryan), who is back in the Bay, discusses the situation with Colby. He tells him he thinks someone might be out to get him. Of course, Colby has no idea it's Ebony.
Ebony visits the pier apartment, in an attempt to extract information about Robbo. When he leaves, she plants the seed that perhaps Robbo is behind the leak.
Colby, however, has one person in his sights: his ex-lover, Jasmine. He points the finger at her because, as Tim points out, "She's the last person he told".
But she denies she leaked the story to the media. He then goes to Dean (Patrick O'Connor) and Willow (Sarah Roberts), who both deny any wrongdoing.
As Colby leaves, Dean offers him a handshake – the first time the two have shaken hands in years.
But lurking nearby is – you guessed it – Ebony, who captures the moment on her mobile phone camera.
Will Robbo see through Ebony's innocent act?
The writing is on the wall for poor Colby when Sergeant McCarthy later shows him the evidence of him shaking hands with Dean.
Colby is suspended without pay while the matter is investigated.
Ebony strikes again!

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