Home and Away's love scandals: Colby and Jasmine reach breaking point, Justin and Dean face off

Drama heats up in Summer Bay this week...

Ebony's dark plans shift to Colby and Jasmine this week, with the wicked manipulator driving the fledgling couple apart in Home And Away.
What's supposed to be a fun night out at Salt turns into a disaster for Colby (Tim Franklin) and Jasmine (Sam Frost). And neither has any idea they've fallen right into Ebony's (Cariba Heine) cleverly laid trap.
"Ebony is out for revenge," Tim, 27, tells TV WEEK. "And there will be no stopping her."
Last week, Ebony successfully blackmailed Justin (James Stewart) for $30,000. And she managed to secure a job at Salt as part of the bargain.
This came after she crashed her car into a tree on purpose and blamed Justin's mechanical work on her car. As fans know, Ebony has come to the Bay to get revenge on the locals for their parts in the death of her brother, Boyd (Steve Le Marquand).
Ebony spun a web of lies to Colby, telling him she had a brother who died who was also a cop. Ebony knows Colby is upset about his missing sister, Bella. This was her way of gaining his confidence.
"She plants seeds to try to manipulate Colby and Jasmine," Tim says of Ebony.
Ebony (far right) is out for revenge.
This week, Jasmine accuses Colby of flirting with a very eager Ebony.
"Jasmine has her suspicions about Ebony after finding her and Colby drinking at Salt," Sam, 29, says.
Colby is insulted and Jasmine backtracks – but some damage may have already been done.Later, Jasmine meets up with Colby for a gig at Salt to see singer Ivy Adara. Jasmine is caught off guard when Ebony shows up. Keen to keep the peace, she invites Ebony to join them. Of course, two's company, but three's a crowd…
"Ebony's a piece of work," Cariba, 29, says. "She's grown up in a manipulative and dangerous crime family."
As the evening progresses, Ebony flirts with Colby. Olivia (Raechelle Banno), who's also at the gig, reminds Ebony he's taken.
But Ebony hisses that Colby thinks of himself as a free agent. This, of course, riles Jasmine and she snaps at Ebony.
Sick of all the drama, Colby decides to call it a night.
The next day, as Jasmine tells Leah (Ada Nicodemou) about her awful night out, she accidentally reveals a secret about Colby.
It's not long before a hurt and angry Colby finds out. How could she betray him like this? A furious Colby tells Jasmine it's over between them.
Looks like devious Ebony has once again got just what she wanted.
Ebony is set to succeed at splitting up Colby and Jasmine.
Meanwhile, a furious, lovelorn Justin whacks River Boy Dean in the face in this week's Home And Away.
What could drive Justin (James Stewart) to such a violent act? He's bitter over his break-up with Willow (Sarah Roberts) – and the fact she has chosen her former lover Dean (Patrick O'Connor) over him.
However, what Justin doesn't know is that it was his ex Nina (Zoe Naylor) who demanded she break up with Justin, or he would never get to see his daughter, Ava (Grace Thomas).
Last week, a drunk Willow found herself in Dean's arms – and his bed. Now, Willow is unsure whether she wants to be in a relationship with Dean.
When Willow runs into Justin's sister Tori (Penny McNamee) at the beach, she reveals Nina's ultimatum was the reason she broke things off with Justin. She confides in Tori that she still loves Justin.
Tori advises her that getting in deep with Dean may not be the best thing for her right now. But Willow doesn't want to hurt Dean.
"Dean's always felt like he's in love with Willow, but he's had to hold back and make peace with just being friends," Patrick, 25, says. "But now that the opportunity of being together has come along, he's excited."
Crack! A furious Justin whacks River Boy Dean in the face.
Feeling torn between Justin and Dean, Willow once again turns to gambling.
Later, Justin and Tori cross paths with Dean, who emerges from the water with his surfboard under his arm. Smiling like the cat that got the cream, Dean asks Justin whether there are any shifts available at the garage.
"He doesn't want to push his luck with Justin," Patrick says. "But at the same time, Dean can't help himself. At the end of the day, he got the girl!"
Justin, who knows all about Dean and Willow, can't believe his cheek, and fires him on the spot. Dean slips in a comment about Willow and Justin sees red, punching him in the face.
"He succeeds in getting a rise out of Justin," Patrick reveals.
With Willow taking pity on Dean, it seems the chances of her and Justin ever getting back together are now near impossible. Say it isn't so!
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