Cam Cranley: ‘Why I refused to watch Matty fall in love’

Cam tells NW that Matty hasn’t returned his calls and has a few wise words for heartbroken Elise.

By NW team
Before Matty J was whisked away into Bachelor land all those weeks ago, his fellow suitor from Georgia Love’s season of the Bachelorette, Cam Cranley, was his biggest sounding board.
But since the Bondi babe moved into the Bachie mansion, their friendship has turned to radio silence.
Cam spills to NW that he practically refused to watched Matty’s journey up until the finale.
That's when Matty invited his closest mates, including his bachelorette co-starsJake Ellis, Courtney Dober and Ben Lyall – over to not only find out that it was Laura Byrne who won Matty’s heart, but to cry into tubs of ice-cream over Elise Stacy getting her heart broken.
(Turns out he may have been Team Elise!)

How was it finally getting to see Matty find the girl of his dreams?
Oh you know it’s one of those things where you don’t know how the show’s cut [and edited]. Whatever happens, he has picked who he wants in the end, no matter what people think or how people feel about it or how it’s been shown he’s ended up with who he wanted to.
So us boys we were all really happy because you could see how happy he was.
Have you been in touch to congratulate him?
We haven’t. He’s really hard to get hold of these days. He’s so busy and so I’ve been reaching out like, ‘Hey man.’ And I left a message saying, ‘Congratulations buddy!’ but I haven’t had a chance to chat to him directly.
Were you expecting it to be Laura?
I didn’t watch a whole lot of the show. I wanted to form my own opinion [of her in real life], not what they make it be [on TV]. As long as he’s happy and he is happy with her then I’m ok with it.
"As long as he’s happy and he is happy with her then I’m ok with it," Cam says of Matty choosing Laura.
She seems like a lovely girl though, right?
The thing is if a friend was dating someone you wouldn’t follow the gossip rumours before you met them. So I was like look I’m going to meet her and make my own decision and if he is happy with her, and I’m sure he is happy with her, and I will form my own thoughts on it.
Of course everyone’s happy for Matty and Laura, but poor Elise really took her rejection hard. Did you feel for her?
I mean it’s never easy. Watching poor Elise, you know, we’re all crushed for her because [The Bachelorette boys] have all been there before and all been sent home and you know we felt bad. Especially to have endured all that and he’s a great guy, so you get to that point and have to turn around and walk. So it was pretty upsetting to have to watch that and we all felt for her. I think all the guys kind of went quiet and we had a moment for her.
That’s so sweet! It’s been nice to see everyone rally around Elise to support her.
A lot of the past episodes in seasons have been, you know, the tragedy where it’s so upsetting and no one is really happy for the winners. Where I feel as though [Matty’s finale] was good enough that we could be happy for Matty, more than upset for Elise.

How hard do you think that breakup was for Matty?
It was bad for Matty too, because no one wants to hurt someone like that. And it’s not nice, I mean everyone has had a breakup and had to do the talk with someone and no one wants to hurt someone. Even though Matty gets to walk away happy, you could see how crushed she was.
Do you have any breakup remedies or tips to help Elise move on? After all, you went through a similar situation yourself…
You know, it’s one of those things. Life goes on and it’s like any break up, immediately after it’s like woe is me and it’s the end of the world. But time heals and it gets better day by day and then to the point where you wake up one day and you’re fine with it and you can talk about it freely. And you know she probably won’t be there yet, but I’m sure she will be soon.
But you know, she’s Australia’s sweetheart after the heartbreak and she’ll be feeling a lot of love for the next few months. I think and that will help out a lot.

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