The cast of iconic series Blue Heelers just reunited, and we can feel a reboot coming on

Bring back the boys (and girls) in blue!

By Maddison Hockey
Everywhere we look our favourite past TV shows are being revived and rebooted.
This year alone we've seen confirmation and talks of McLeod's Daughters being made into a movie, Netflix rebooting Heartbreak High and cult classic Sex and the City making a comeback.
The next golden oldie that could be making a return is Aussie fave Blue Heelers.
Original cast members John Wood, Charlie Clausen, Julie Nihill and Ditch Davey recently reunited, via video call as we all do in these weird modern times, for a special table read.
We farewelled the beloved cast in 2006. (Supplied)
Organised by KIIS FM's Jase & JP, the radio hosts took charge of the script in a hilarious twist that saw Maggie's twin sister arrive in town to cause controversy.
The actors played out a script in the parts of their original characters, but the question of whether we could see them return for real, remains.
The cast reunited via video call. (KIIS FM)
Speaking to New Idea recently, Ditch, who played Evan Jones on the show and now appears on Home And Away, revealed a reboot could be closer than we think.
"I wouldn't say no to anything. I absolutely loved doing that show," he tells.
"I get messages most weeks from fans of the show who still want to ask questions about it.
"People have such fondness for Blue Heelers that I wouldn't put it off the table. If all the cards fell in the right way – I think it would certainly need a big reboot – but I wouldn't put it off the table."
Ditch is all for a reboot. (Supplied)
Ditch spoke of the special place his Blue Heelers character holds in his heart during an interview with TV WEEK in 2017.
"The role of Evan Jones will always be very special to me. I got stopped on the street in New York – someone wanted to talk to me about the show. And I'm constantly getting messages about it.
It was a hard-working cast and crew and, in terms of my career, it really put me on the map. I still catch up with a few of the cast members. We saw John Wood for his 70th birthday. It's a very tight family."

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