Blue Heelers star Ditch Davey on his new role in 800 Words

Ditch stars as Erik Thomson's brother in the popular series.

You play chef Terry Turner in 800 Words. Do you actually cook?
I do a bit, but not a lot. My [two] kids like my cooking! My wife, Sophia, is magnificent. In the kitchen with my beautiful wife, I'm always playing second fiddle.
Terry is a kind of "rock star" chef. Have you met a few people like that?
I've worked with some turbulent people. I remember walking into a kitchen once and having a knife waved 
a couple of feet away from my face and then thrown into a wall! But just being in Los Angeles, you get people who are aggressive and look like they're made of Teflon. And they keep talking long and loud until everyone shuts up and agrees with them.
Why did you want to appear in 800 Words?
I didn't know too much about the show. I'd been working in New York, so the only thing 
I knew was Erik Thomson was involved. I'd known him for a while, socially, but never had the chance to work with him. And I think we all know how much of a drawcard Erik is for viewers.
You and Erik play brothers. Did you draw from any experiences from your own family?
I'm one of four kids; I'm the second eldest. There's always a mercurial family dynamic, isn't there? You're in their good books one day, and you're in trouble the next. I was the older brother so, in a way, [I'm] like George. But, it didn't stop the occasional push and shove. Family members know your buttons better than anyone else.
You work a lot overseas, but are you based in Australia now?
Melbourne is our base, but our bags are always packed. We've been spending a lot of time overseas, which makes life interesting for the family. Now our eldest child is 14, so he needs some continuity with school.
It must be hard when you're filming overseas…
The kids miss me and I miss them; life is what it is. But I feel very privileged to have this life and career. I can give my kids experiences I never thought I'd be able to.
Ditch talks Blue Heelers
"The role of Evan Jones will always be very special to me. I got stopped on the street in New York – someone wanted to talk to me about the show. And I'm constantly getting messages about it.
It was a hard-working cast and crew and, in terms of my career, it really put me on the map. I still catch up with a few of the cast members. We saw John Wood for his 70th birthday. It's a very 
tight family."
Ditch in Blue Heelers with co-star John Wood.

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